General Pathway

If you haven’t yet decided which degree to pursue, you could enrol in our General pathway. This option involves a combination of TFC courses.

Depending on your grades and your course combination, you could choose from a variety of degree programmes after you complete your TFC. So long as you meet all the additonal entry requirements, you could enrol in Arts, Architecture, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health Science, LawProperty, or Science.

Programme structure

All TFC programmes involve eight courses.

Requirements Semester One

You must complete:

  • TFCENG 91F Academic Literacy 1
  • One Mathematics course

Options Semester One

Another two courses

You can choose from Biology, Chemistry, Education, Environment and Society, History, Māori, Pacific Studies, Physics and Sociology.

Requirements Semester Two

You must complete:

  • TFCENG 92F Academic Literacy 2
  • One Mathematics course

Options Semester Two

Another two courses

You can choose from Arts General, Biology, Business and Economics, Chemistry, Creative Arts, Education, Environment and Society, Māori, Physics, Sociology, and Statistics.

Choose your four optional courses from the following areas.

* Offered at both City Campus and Tai Tonga / South Auckland campus. (The other offerings are available at City Campus only, except for Māori.)

** Māori is offered only at City Campus in Semester one; and only at Tai Tonga / South Auckland Campus in Semester Two.

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