Family violence - It's Not OK

Where there is a real or imminent threat, call the Police on 111.

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It's OK to ask for help

Find out who you can talk to and what support you can access to ensure your safety on our campuses.


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It's OK to help

Learn how contact people can respond to requests for support, and find out how to be a supportive friend or colleague and active bystander.


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Change is possible

Read about who you can talk to if you want to stop using violence.


Family and relationship violence is abuse by someone close to us, such as a partner, family member or flatmate.

Family and relationship violence can be experienced by anyone.

Family and relationship violence can take many forms, including physical, psychological, sexual, financial or spiritual abuse. It can disrupt the ability to study or work and can negatively affect performance, effectiveness, safety and wellbeing. It can also impact colleagues, friends and other members of the University community.

The University is committed to being safe, inclusive and equitable. We affirm that family and relationship violence is unacceptable and that every person is entitled to respect, and to live free from fear and abuse.

Family Violence Policy and Guidelines

See our Family Violence Policy and Family Violence Prevention and Management Guidelines for information about how the University provides reasonable support for students and staff affected by family and relationship violence, including:

Our policy and guidelines support those who:

  • have experienced or are experiencing family or relationship abuse
  • are concerned about a student or colleague, or about safety on campus because they are aware of a family or relationship violence situation
  • are managing an employee experiencing family or relationship violence

For a definition and examples of family and relationship violence and more information on its impacts, see Understanding family violence, Online harrassment and cyber abuse and our FAQs.

Breaches of the policy will be dealt with appropriately. Please see Perpetrators of violence for more information.

Take the positive relationship quiz and find out more about sexual violence and consent.

Talk to a Contact Person for students or staff about your options, contact an expert organisation or get legal help.

Logo that says, "It is OK to ask for help."


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