Campus Life directorate

Campus Life is a Service Division that supports an engaging and inclusive campus experience for students at the University of Auckland.

Campus Life operates a range of wellbeing services, such as Accommodation, Counselling and Health Services, aimed at removing personal barriers to academic success. It also operates engagement services such as support for student organisations, social and sporting programmes, volunteering and leadership support. These aim to help students maximise the non-classroom dimensions of the university experience.

Campus Life services


Student Accommodation provides over 3000 beds in high-quality catered and self-catered halls of residence that are designed to suit all students – from first year school leavers to mature graduate students. We also help students find private accommodation through our Accommodation Advisory Service.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Services provide a number of retail, event and logistics services on campus. These include hosting an event, the variety of cafés, shops and services to support students and staff on campus, as well as the Centre for Continuing Education who offer a range of credited and unaccredited courses and programmes.

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Early Childhood Centres

The University provides Early Childhood Education services for children aged from three months to five years. There are six early childhood centres in total, on the City, Epsom and Grafton Campuses.

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Sport and Recreation

The Sport and Recreation team provide sporting and fitness services to students and staff allowing them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, participate in sporting competition and socialise with friends while pursuing academic goals. The Recreation Centre provides extensive facilities and exercise services at affordable membership rates. Sports leagues, fitness training and recreation programmes provide opportunities for all students and staff to participate in sport and recreation whilst at University.

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Student Engagement

This area of Campus Life focuses on providing personal support and development opportunities to students, such as the UniGuide mentoring programme, volunteering opportunities, student ambassadors, and the leadership programmes. It also provides administrative support for the clubs that are affiliated with the University, as well as Orientation and new student transition.

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University Health and Counselling Service

The University Health and Counselling Service provides a range of medical, health and counselling services to all currently enrolled students. Eligible students who register the service as their Primary Health Organisation receive subsidised medical care, as well as discounted prescriptions.

The counselling services are confidential, helping to provide coping mechanisms for challenges that students might face during the academic year.

The medical and health services are low cost, comprehensive primary health care to support the health and wellbeing of students while studying.

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Key staff

Director, Campus Life

Brendan Mosely
Brendan is responsible for providing the strategic direction for Campus Life as a whole and ensuring all the service divisions work towards creating a positive student experience.


Executive Assistant to the Director, Campus Life

Claire Hall

Claire works closely with the Director, Campus Life – providing administrative support to the Director and to some of the Director’s immediate reports.


Associate Director Campus Life, Student Engagement and Support

Anne-Marie Parsons

Anne-Marie is responsible for providing opportunities for students to become more engaged with the University. This includes responsibility for UniGuides and the Student Ambassadors programme, the Maclaurin Chapel, leadership development and student volunteering as well as facilitating student clubs and associations.  Anne-Marie also has responsibility for the operational performance of the Health and Counselling Service, and the University’s Early Childhood Education centres.


Associate Director Campus Life, Sport and Recreation

Louis Rattray

Louis is responsible for creating a healthy, active and engaged campus, ensuring there are opportunities for students and staff to be involved in sport and recreation.


Associate Director Campus Life, Accommodation

Micheal Rengers
Michael is responsible for the Accommodation Solutions Group that assists with accommodation requirements including the halls of residence on campus. Micheal also shares the role of University Proctor with Professor Gillian Lewis, who are the primary reference point in the University for all matters relating to student non-academic misconduct, including complaints against students, or disputes between students.


Associate Director Campus Life, Commercial Services

Paul Clement
Paul has a range of responsibilities under the diverse portfolio of Commercial Services including the Campus Store, courses, conferences, Goldie Wines, events, and campus food and retail.


Communications and Marketing Manager

Alice Faull

Alice is responsible for the planning and delivery of communications and marketing for Campus Life’s portfolio, primarily around student events and programmes. Alice’s team work closely with the Director and Associate Directors to promote the opportunities provided by Campus Life to students, staff and the wider University community.


Strategic Projects Manager

Tessa Jones

Tessa works closely with the Director to identify opportunities to enhance student engagement and wellbeing services through new or improved IT solutions and business processes. Tessa also oversees a portfolio of strategic projects and facilitates the BAU provision of effective technology solutions and services.