Health and travel insurance

All international students are required to have health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. The following guidelines apply to international students only.

Why is Health and Travel Insurance compulsory?

The New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students requires all international students to have appropriate health and travel insurance during their period of study.
The University of Auckland’s responsibility under the Code is to ensure all enrolled international students have compliant health and travel insurance policy during their enrolment and for the duration of their student visa.

Read about the Code of Practice.

Health and Travel Insurance at the University of Auckland

The University of Auckland use Studentsafe as their preferred insurance provider for international students. Studentsafe-University plan offers comprehensive health and travel insurance benefits, which meet Code of Practice requirements. You will be automatically covered by the Studentsafe-University policy when you enrol and the insurance charge is added to your student account. You must pay this charge when you pay your tuition fees.

If you have not been charged insurance when you first enrol, please contact the International Student Information Centre immediately. It is your responsibility to check and ensure you pay for your insurance.

Visit the Studentsafe-University website

How much does it cost?

The 2015 academic year premiums for international student health and travel insurance are as follows:


  • NZ$147.25 – summer school or quarter term
  • NZ$294.50 – one semester
  • NZ$589.00 – full year

Student and partner OR student solo parent with child/children:

  • NZ$294.50 – summer school or quarter term
  • NZ$589.00 – one semester
  • NZ$1178.00 – full year

Couple and child/children:

  • NZ$368.00 – summer school or quarter term
  • NZ$736.00 – one semester
  • NZ$1472.00 – full year

Short courses:

  • NZ$50 – short courses of 30 days or less

Condition applies: the student must inform the Insurance Administration Office prior to short course start date.

Family insurance:     

If you wish to insure family members, please complete a family insurance application form.

Family application submissions must be within these time frames:

  • Semester/Quarter: Two weeks from the start of the semester or quarter term
  • Doctoral: Within the first month of enrolment

Please note family policies are not renewed automatically. If you wish to renew your family policy, you must apply for renewal on or before the policy expiry date. Family application submission deadline is noted above.

Family insurance application form 2015
Family insurance application form 2015 (226.0 kB, PDF)

Important notice to persons 60 years of age and over.

Students or family members aged 60 and over are required to provide medical evidence to Allianz, before cover can be accepted. If you or a family member are 60 years of age or over you must complete the Medical Risk Assessment form and email it directly to the insurance provider (see the form for details).

What does the insurance policy cover?

It is your responsibility as a student to understand and become familiar with the insurance policy terms and conditions. All policy documentation and forms are available at the International Student Information Centre or you can download them here.

University Health Services

Studentsafe-University policy holders are able to use University Health Services for all compliant health and counselling services. Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions.

Any consultation covered by the Studentsafe-University policy will be billed directly to the insurance company with no charge to the student. Please note that consultations not covered by the policy will be charged to the student.

NZAID scholarship students

The University Health and Counselling Service has changed its charging process for NZAID students visiting their practice. Going forward you will be required to pay upfront for any visit to the University Health Centre. If your condition is covered by the Studentsafe insurance policy, you would then be able to submit a claim to have the cost reimbursed to you. If however you cannot pay for the visit at that time, then you can request an invoice from the Health Centre which you can claim for payment from Studentsafe.

Read about University Health Services

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the Studentsafe-University policy.
If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you can apply for cover directly to the insurer by completing the Medical Risk Assessment form and returning it to the insurance provider. Details are on the form.

Campus Pharmacy

Campus Pharmacy (City Campus) directly bills the insurance company for prescriptions prescribed to Studentsafe-University policy holders by doctors from University Health Services. There is no charge to the student for prescriptions covered by the policy.

Campus Pharmacy
Level 1, Student Commons
2 Alfred Street
City Campus
Ph: +64 9 373 7599 ext 87935

What if I already have insurance?

If you wish to use an alternative insurance provider, the policy must be compliant with the requirements of the New Zealand government's Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

Please see the list of compliant policies accepted by The University of Auckland.

If you have a compliant policy, you may apply for an insurance waiver (see below). Please make sure your compliant policy is valid until your return home, or for the period of your student visa if you are staying in New Zealand.

Non-compliant insurance policies

Please note if your policy appears on the University's list of non-compliant insurance policies, it will not be accepted and you must pay for the Studentsafe-University policy.

Alternative policy assessment

If you wish to use an insurance provider that is not on either list, your insurance policy must be assessed by the University's independent brokers to ensure the policy meets the required Code of Practice policy standard. If your alternative insurance is deemed to meet the requirements, you may apply for a waiver.

You must apply for an alternative policy assessment at least two weeks prior to the semester start date. If you submit your application later than this, you will be liable to pay for Studentsafe-University cover for your first semester. You may apply for a waiver for the following semester.

For alternative policy assessment, please provide the following to the Insurance Administrator:

  • Full insurance policy wording (in English)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Insurance policy checklist

Insurance waivers

To apply for an insurance waiver, bring your compliant insurance policy certificate and an insurance waiver application form to the International Student Information Centre before the deadline specified below. Any applications received after these dates will not be accepted and you will be liable to pay for the Studentsafe-University policy.

If you enrol late, you must bring your compliant insurance certificate in the same week you enrol in order for a waiver to be processed.

The Insurance Waiver Application form must be submitted to the Insurance Administrator or International Student Centre on or before the following dates:

Insurance waiver application deadlines  
Summer School 06 January 2015
First semester 02 March 2015
Second semester   20 July 2015
First quarter   06 January 2015
Second quarter 06 April 2015
Third quarter   29 June 2015
Fourth quarter 12 September 2015
Doctoral within one month of enrolement start date

Please note: you must apply for a new insurance waiver every semester or for doctoral students every year.

Waivers or cancellations are processed within 5 working days once all relevant documents are sighted and approved by the International Office.

What if my circumstances change during the period of my insurance?

Important Note - If you choose to cancel your insurance policy while you are on PhD suspension, on exchange or overseas and then resume your insurance cover when you return, it will be considered a new policy. This means that any medical conditions you received treatment for under the original policy will now be considered pre-existing conditions and will not be covered under the new policy. Please see the Insurance Administrator for advice before you travel.

For PhD and research masters students please note that your University enrolment ends when you submit your thesis and this may impact on your insurance cover. However if you request to be re-enrolled in a 'thesis under examination' then insurance will be added.

You are required to advise the Insurance Administrator of any changes during the period of insurance (e.g. you are no longer enrolled, you have changed your status to domestic student, you have insured with a different provider, studying or conducting research outside New Zealand)  as it will affect your eligibility to request a premium refund or claim. If any refund is owed to you, it will be calculated from when the refund application is received and no refund or waiver application accepted if it is received after the policy expires.

PhD students should also read the doctoral/PhD FAQs below.

(75.3 kB, PDF)

Contact us

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Global contact details:

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  • Within Australia: 1 800 554 114 (tollfree)
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The University of Auckland Insurance Administrator

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