Health and travel insurance

All international students must have health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand.

These guidelines apply to international students only.

Health and travel insurance at the University of Auckland

The New Zealand government’s Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 requires all international students to have appropriate health and travel insurance during their period of study.

Read more about the Code of Practice.

The University of Auckland requires all enrolled international students to have approved health and travel insurance for the duration of enrolment (regardless of the visa type).

A student visa holder is also required to have approved health and travel insurance for the duration of their visa or until they depart New Zealand, whichever comes first.

Studentsafe Inbound policy by Allianz Global Assistance NZ Ltd, is our preferred insurance, policy and provider for international students. Enrolled international students will be charged the Studentsafe Inbound University insurance 24 hours after enrolment completed.

Insurance is compulsory and student must pay this fee unless the University approves the use of an alternative insurance provider. If you are not charged for insurance when you first enrol, please email immediately. It is your responsibility to check and ensure you pay for your insurance premium.

You are registered under the Studentsafe Inbound plan when you accept your offer of admission. Your policy is activated when enrolment has been completed. Student do not need to apply for the Studentsafe Inbound plan.

Your insurance cover is automatically renewed when you re-enrol each quarter/semester or year for doctoral students.

Insurance Policy Details:

  • Policy Number: University of Auckland student ID number   
  • Policy Name/typ: Studentsafe Inbound University
  • Insurance Company: Allianz Global Assistance New Zealand Ltd   

Allianz Studentsafe University policy details

Benefits include:

  • Medical and related expenses
  • Optical and emergency dental
  • Repatriation and travel disruption
  • Luggage
  • Personal effects
  • Travel documents
  • Money and credit cards
  • Personal liability

You must refer to the full policy wording for all terms and conditions that apply to the above benefits. It is your responsibility as a student to read and understand the insurance policy terms and conditions. All documentation and forms are available online.


Pre-existing medical conditions

You are not covered for pre-existing medical conditions. However, in certain circumstances cover may be considered. If you have a pre-existing condition or have had a medical procedure in the past, we recommend you submit a medical risk assessment form (see below) before you travel or start your programme

This is any medical or physical condition or circumstances:

  • which you were aware of, or ought to have been aware of
  • for which advice, care, treatment, medication or medical attention had been sought, given or recommended
  • which have been diagnosed as a medical condition, or a sickness or which are indicative of a sickness
  • which are of such a nature to require, or which potentially may require medical attention
  • which are of such a nature as would have caused a prudent, reasonable person to seek medical attention prior to the start of cover under this policy
  • procedure or surgery in the past even if you are no longer affected by this condition

If you decide not to study for a period of time or having a break from studying, your Studetsafe policy will lapse and you may be subject to new claims if you have had a gap on your Studentsafe policy.

To ensure no change of health condition while having a break from study or gap on your policy you must complete a medical risk assessment form when you return to study.

Note: If you change from one type of policy to another (eg, from Studentsafe to Explorersafe or vice versa) and your health changed during the period of the former policy, you need to check with Allianz whether you will remain covered when changing to the new policy.

Personal property valued at more than $2,500

You can apply to insure items of higher value and pay an additional premium. The maximum insurable value for any specified item, set or pair of items is $5,000. In the event of a claim you must be able to support it with receipts or valuations. To insure items of more than $2500 value, apply by completing a Studentsafe Specification of personal property form.


Length of insurance policy

Cover under Studentsafe Inbound policy applies while you are enrolled at the University until the end of your student visa, provided you have paid the appropriate premium in your final year of study.

We recommend you purchase additional appropriate insurance if you are travelling to New Zealand, or are in New Zealand prior to the commencement of your Studentsafe insurance policy.

If you are staying in New Zealand after your enrolment at the University of Auckland has ended, additional appropriate insurance is also advised.

To purchase Explorersafe Inbound policy plan, visit

Note: Studentsafe Inbound will only cover transit en route to and from New Zealand. (Please refer to the policy wording for full terms and conditions.)

How much it costs

The costs shown below are for the 2018 academic year. 


  • $620 – full year
  • $310 – one semester
  • $155 – summer school or quarter term

Family premiums

Couple OR student with child:

  • $1,240 – full year
  • $650 – one semester
  • $310 – summer school or quarter term

Couple with child/children OR Student with children:

  • $1,550 – full year
  • $775 – one semester
  • $387.50 – summer school or quarter term

Short courses

  • $50 – short courses of 30 days or less

Condition applies: the student must inform the Insurance Administration Office prior to short course start date.

Making an insurance claim

To make an insurance claim, complete the e-fill online form, print, sign and scan all relevant documents before emailing it to the insurance company.

  • Answer all relevant questions to your claim.
  • Provide any additional information or supporting documentation relevant to your claim (eg, medical receipts of payment, referral letters, GP medical report or consultation notes, police report, proof of ownership or purchase receipts).

Note: We advise you not to authorise repairs or replace items until Allianz have confirmed that your claim is accepted.

Fraud is a serious offence. If your claim is found to be fraudulent, your policy can be cancelled. A student’s enrolment cannot continue if their insurance cover is declined.

Useful documents

Useful websites

Travelling overseas

The Studentsafe Inbound insurance policy has limited cover for travel outside New Zealand. We strongly advise that you purchase additional appropriate insurance to cover your travel plans. The Explorersafe or Workersafe Outbound policy is available for travel that is not covered by Studentsafe Inbound University policy.

Exchange: If you are going on an exchange programme, you must purchase additional health and travel insurance for the duration of your trip. Explorersafe Outbound is available to students going on exchange. Be sure to check that you comply with your host university’s insurance requirements.

For more information or to purchase the policy, visit Explorersafe Outbound policy.

Study-related travel: The University provides overseas travel insurance where a student is travelling overseas on University business and returning to New Zealand. The travel must be funded by the University, a research grant or by a third party such as another university, research entity or conference organiser.

Travel insurance guidelines:  These guidelines will help you to determine whether you are eligible for the University's corporate insurance.

Policy cancellation or while overseas

Any decision to cancel your insurance policy while on exchange, PhD suspension or studying/researching overseas should be discussed with the Insurance Adviser at the International Office.

If you apply to cancel your policy while on leave/suspension/overseas or going on exchange, your policy will lapse and will therefore affect the continuity of your policy. You may be subject to a new medical assessment when you return or re-enrol to your programme.

This means that any medical conditions you have been receiving treatment for under your original policy, would be considered pre-existing medical conditions and may no longer be covered.

For more information, contact

What if I already have insurance? You may be eligible for an insurance waiver if you already have an alternative insurance policy.

  • Check if your policy is an approved policy (see approved policy list).
  • Check if your policy is valid for the length of your programme, until you return to your home country OR to the end of your visa (whichever comes first).
  • If you meet all requirements then you may apply for insurance waiver.


Non-approved insurance policies

If your policy is included in the University's list of not approved insurance policies, it will not be accepted and you will be required to pay for the Studentsafe Inbound University policy.


Alternative policy assessment

Your policy must be assessed by the University independent broker to ensure you meet the Code of Practice requirements. If you have an insurance policy that is not on either approved or not approved lists of policies, then you are required to send your insurance policy documents for an assessment.

  • You must apply for an alternative policy assessment at least four weeks prior to the semester, quarter, or doctoral programme start date.
  • Email the following to
    • Full insurance policy wording in English (pdf format)
    • Insurance certificate in English (pdf format)
    • Insurance policy checklist
  • You will be required to pay for the Studentsafe Inbound policy if you submit your assessment after the specified deadlines.

Insurance waiver

Apply here and upload your insurance certificate if your policy is on the approved lists of policies.

Please note the following before applying.

  • Check your approved policy covers the length of  visa or programme or when you return to your home country.
  • Check your insurance certificate is in English.
  • To complete your application you may be required to upload visa or itinerary travel plan documents.

If you do not submit your insurance waiver application before the specified deadlines below, you will be required to pay for the Studentsafe-University policy. Late applications will not be accepted.

Insurance waiver application deadlines

Term Deadline
Summer School 12 January 2018
Semester One 9 March 2018
Semester Two 27 July 2018
Quarter One 19 January 2018
Quarter Two 20 April 2018
Quarter Three 13 July 2018
Quarter Four 5 October 2018
Doctoral year The 2nd Friday after your programme start date
Late year
14 December 2018
Approved late enrolment In the same week your enrolment is finalised

Note: you must apply for a new insurance waiver every semester, quarter, or for doctoral students every year (on second Friday of programme start date).

Insurance waivers or cancellations are processed within five working days upon receiving your application. You will be notified if your application is unsuccessful.

What if my circumstances change during the period of my insurance?

You are required to advise us  of any changes in circumstance during the insurance period.

Examples of changes are:

  • You are no longer enrolled at the University.
  • You become a domestic student.
  • You insure with a different provider.
  • You are studying or conducting research overseas.

Changes in circumstance may affect your eligibility to make an insurance claim or request a refund of your Allianz Studentsafe Inbound University premium.

If any refund is owed to you, it will be calculated from when the refund application is received. Applications for refunds will not be accepted after the insurance policy has expired.

Research degree students

University of Auckland enrolment ends for PhD and research masters students when they submit their thesis. This may affect their insurance cover.

If you are a PhD or research masters student who is about to submit your thesis, contact Student Adviser at the International Office to validate your insurance expiry dates.

If you are or planning on applying for suspension but have not been charged insurance fees, please email  to verify your insurance cover. This is to ensure you have continuous cover for the length over your suspension.

Family insurance

Family policy must start at the same time the  student's policy commenced.

You can add your family to your Studentsafe Inbound University insurance policy. The appropriate premium will then be added to your tuition account and will appear on your statement of fees.

Complete the Studentsafe - Family member application form, then click on the 'Apply here' button below to upload your application.

Family application submissions must be within these timeframes:

  • Semester/Quarter: Within two weeks of the start of the semester or quarter term.
  • Doctoral: The 2nd Friday after your programme start date.

Note: Family policies are not renewed automatically. To renew your family policy, you must apply for renewal on or before the policy expiry date.

People aged 60 years and over

Students or family members aged 60 and over are required to provide medical evidence to Allianz, before insurance cover can be accepted. You must complete the Medical Risk Assessment form and email it directly to the insurance provider (see the form for details).

Health and counselling

University Health and Counselling Service

Studentsafe University policyholders are able to use University Health Services for all compliant health and counselling services. Please refer to the policy wording for terms and conditions.
Any consultation covered by the Studentsafe University policy will be billed directly to the insurance company with no charge to the student.

Note: You will need to pay for consultations not covered by the policy.

Read about the University Health and Counselling Service.

Campus pharmacies

City Campus Pharmacy and Grafton Pharmacy directly bill the insurance company for medication prescribed to Studentsafe-University policy holders by doctors from University Health Services. There is no charge to the student for prescriptions covered by the policy.

NZAID scholarship students

You must pay upfront for any visit to University Health and Counselling Service. If your condition is covered by the Studentsafe insurance policy but you are unable to pay for your visit, you can request an invoice. To be reimbursed by Studentsafe, you must submit a claim form (please see how to make claim).

Frequently asked questions

Read the Studentsafe list of Frequently Asked Questions.
PhD students should also download and read the doctoral FAQs below:

Contact us

Allianz Studentsafe-University Help Desk

Phone (within NZ): +64 9 488 1638
Tollfree (within NZ): 0800 486 004
Fax (within NZ): 0800 800 167
Phone (worldwide): +64 9 486 6868 (reverse charge call through operator)

Customer service:

The University of Auckland - Student Adviser


Insurance adviser appointments

If you need help or guidance with your health and travel insurance, you can book an appointment with an insurance adviser: