Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB(Hons))

Points per degree 540
Full-time study 9 semesters or 11 semesters for cojoint students
Part-time study No time limit
Taught by Faculty of Law
Taught at City Campus
Application Closing date No application required; students are selected at the end of Part II year
Start date 2 March 2015


If you achieve a B+ average over all your law courses at the completion of LLB Part II, you will be invited to transfer to the Bachelor of Laws Honours (LLB(Hons)) programme. For conjoint students this is usually at the end of your third year.

The LLB(Hons) involves a student enrolling for an additional 20-point Honours seminar course as part of their Part III year and for a 40-point dissertation in the semester immediately following the completion of their Part IV year (this can be completed in the summer semester, or the following semester).

It usually takes nine semesters to complete all the requirements for the LLB(Hons) degree, unless a student is completing a conjoint degree in which case it will usually take 11 semesters. Throughout the programme students will need to maintain a B+ average.

If students do not get into Honours by invitation after the completion of their Part II courses but their overall performance improves in later years, they are able to apply for Honours on the form available from the Law Student Centre in early December. The application will be approved if the student’s grade average over all their LLB courses is above the Honours’ entry standard and there are places available.


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Programme highlights

  • The Auckland Law School has a higher entry standard for LLB Part II than any other New Zealand Law School meaning our graduates are highly sought after.
  • The Auckland Law School offers the largest range of undergraduate law courses in the country.
  • Over 50 different electives on offer; 20 of them in commercial and corporate law alone.
  • The faculty’s Davis Law Library is the most comprehensive law library in New Zealand.
  • Our LLB degree can be combined with a wide range of conjoint programmes from all the other faculties.
  • We have very comprehensive legal research courses.
  • Auckland Law School students have an array of opportunities while studying law including entering International Mooting and other Competitions, spending a semester abroad at another top law school and the ability to join any number of the Law School Clubs and Societies to enhance your student experience while studying.


Career opportunities

  • Barrister, solicitor
  • Judges clerk, research counsel
  • Policy analyst (public or private sector), foreign policy clerk
  • Tax adviser, auditor, revenue assessment officer
  • Financial adviser, strategic policy planner
  • Mediator
  • Resource management officer
  • Property consultant

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