Campus Life division

Campus Life creates a vibrant, engaging and supportive campus experience to help students achieve academically, socially and personally.

Campus Life operates a range of services aimed at helping students develop a strong sense of belonging and supporting students through personal challenges, illuminate opportunities, and create an environment that enables personal growth. It also operates engagement services such as support for student organisations, social and sporting programmes, volunteering and leadership support. All Campus Life services aim to help students maximise the non-classroom dimensions of the university experience and make life-long friends.

Campus Life services

Ngā Wharenoho - Accommodation

Student Accommodation provides more than 4,000 beds in high-quality catered and self-catered accommodation that are designed to suit all students – from first year school leavers to mature graduate students.

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Or contact Tara Baker, Head of Operations, Accommodation about current resident experience and operations; or Stephanie Harris, Manager, Accommodation Solutions about future residents and applications.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services oversees and operates retail shops, cafes and services for students ands taff on campus, including the Campus Store and Campus Card. It also provides event and logistics services to internal and external clients including Public Programmes which offer one-off lectures, evening lecture series and weekend workshops. They also oversee the Early Childhood Centres and Goldie Estate on Waiheke Island.

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Or email the Event Services team about events; Richard Wormley about Retail, cafes, bars and Campus Store; Jo Waugh about Early Childhood Centres; and Goldie Estate for info about sales and events at the winery.

Sport and Recreation

The Sport and Recreation team provides sporting and fitness services to students and staff, allowing them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, participate in sporting competitions and socialise with friends while pursuing academic goals. There is considerable evidence that physical activity provides a wide range of benefits including to mental health and academic achievement. Barriers to participation are removed and social engagement increased when sport and recreation is provided on campus.

The Recreation Centre provides extensive facilities and exercise services at affordable membership rates. Sports leagues, fitness training and recreation programmes provide opportunities for students of all levels and staff to participate in sport and recreation whilst at University. An all-new Recreation and Wellness Centre is currently under construction on our City Campus and is anticipated to open July 2024.

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Or contact the Sport and Recreation team.

Student Engagement

This area of Campus Life focuses on providing personal support and development opportunities to students, such as the UniGuide mentoring programme, volunteering opportunities, UniCrew, and the leadership programmes. It also provides administrative support for the clubs that are affiliated with the University, as well as Orientation and new student transition.

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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing supports the health, wellbeing and safety ​of students while at university; ensuring they have access to the services they need to overcome personal barriers to success that can arise from physical or mental ill-health.

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Key staff

Director, Campus Life
Brendan Mosely

Executive Assistant to the Director, Campus Life
Claire Hall

Associate Director Campus Life, Student Wellbeing & Engagement
Anne-Marie Parsons

Associate Director Campus Life, Sport and Recreation
Sean Smith

Associate Director Campus Life, Accommodation
Aimee Macaskill

Associate Director Campus Life, Commercial Services and Operations
Julian Bottaro

Communications and Marketing Manager
Amelia Dixon

Kaiārahi, Campus Life
Grace Latimer