Graduates applying for the LLB

University graduates who wish to apply for the LLB degree have two options:

Pathway No. 1

Graduate applicants may first apply for LLB Part I then complete LAW 121G, LAW 131 and LAW 141. LAW 121G is offered in both semester one and two, with LAW 131 and LAW 141 only offered in semester two.

The three Part I law courses cannot be taken concurrently, unless requested by the applicant and assessed by a Programme Adviser/Associate Dean. Applicants must have a minimum Grade Point Equivalent (GPE) of 6.20 from their most recent academic year of study. If you wish to be considered for concurrent enrolment, please follow the steps detailed below to get the GPA calculated and make a request for concurrent enrolment by emailing

The overall average grade required for selection into LLB Part ll can vary from year to year, depending on the number of applicants. Therefore, graduate applicants who wish to substitute previous university degree courses in lieu of the 75 points of non-law courses, may wish to consider the grades they have received in these courses and enrol in further non-law courses to improve their grade point average.

Usually, we recommend aiming for a non-law GPE of 6.20. If you wish to have your non-law GPE calculated, please submit an application for LLB Part I, upload a copy of your most recent university degree transcript and email with a request to calculate your GPA/GPE. Please include your contact details and UoA ID number.

The advantages of this pathway are that it saves the trouble and expense of sitting the LSAT and it allows you to get the foundational knowledge from LAW 121G, LAW 131 and LAW 141 before commencing Part II.

Find more information about eligibility and applying for LLB Part II and how the LawGPA is calculated for admission into LLB Part II.

Pathway No. 2

Graduate applicants wanting to apply for the LLB can sit the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and present that score as evidence of legal aptitude. Find more information about Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

Alternatively, if you have completed at least three papers in Commercial Law in stage III or higher (eg under a BCom or MBA), with at least a B+ average, we may consider using those courses to measure your legal aptitude in place of the LSAT. If approved, you may take the Part I and II Law courses concurrently in the first academic year of your Law studies.

Eligibility for LLB Part II via this pathway is determined by taking into account your best, 120 points of non-law courses from your most recent university degree study, plus your LSAT score weighted as 30 points. The results of your LSAT exam must be emailed to no later than the 1st of December (the same deadline for all LLB Part II applications).

The advantage of this pathway is that you can complete your LLB six months to one year faster. Students are required to pass the LLB Part I courses with the minimum grade requirements in the first year of admission for continuation in the programme.
If you wish to be considered for concurrent study of LLB Parts I and II, please make an application, upload a copy of your most recent university degree transcript and email

Applications for LLB Part II close the 1st of December year prior to admission and will be assessed by the LLB Part II Selection Committee mid-December. Graduate applicants successfully admitted into LLB Part II may then have 75pts of unspecified credit awarded from their previous studies.

Find more information on eligibility and applying for LLB Part II.