Law School students and alumni

Students share their experiences studying at the Auckland Law School.

Jessie Jiang

Photograph of Jessie Jiang standing in front of shelves of Law books.
Jessie Jiang from China is studying towards a Master of Laws.

“I chose to study at the Auckland Law School because I wanted to gain international experience and study at a world-ranked university. There are excellent research facilities, libraries, and supportive academic staff, which all make studying here very enjoyable.

"There are lots of international students in my lectures, so we have great discussions comparing the differences and similarities between laws around the world.”

Christopher Johnsen

Photograph of Christopher Johnsen.
Christopher Johnsen from Norway completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Law.

“I wanted to explore the world and see something other than Europe, but still be in an English-speaking country. This was the furthest away I could get. I had considered New Zealand for a long time, so when it was time to apply I just went for it.

"My family and friends thought it was quite a bold decision going all the way to the other side of the world, but I have never regretted it.”  

Abhijeet Patni

Photograph of Abhijeet Patni.
Abhijeet Patni from India completed a Master of Laws and is working as a Business Development Manager.

“The University of Auckland was my first choice to pursue a Masters in Law because I wanted to study at a world-ranked university in a city that’s multi-cultural and has a good social life. Coming here proved very positive.

"I had a great learning experience enhanced by the diverse culture, highly dedicated and talented academic staff, and high-quality research facilities. The chance to make friends with local and other international students also helped to make my study memorable and very rewarding.”

Vanya Vida

Photograph of Vanja Vida.
Vanya Vida from Delhi, India completed a Graduate Diploma in Law and is now working as a Policy Adviser.

“I chose to study at Auckland Law School because I considered it the best in the country.

"There is a variety of laws one can choose to study at the Law School, and during my time I was fortunate to take advantage of an internship opportunity which gave me the local experience I was after. My experience at the Auckland Law School was nothing but great. The service that staff and the faculty delivered was exceptional and it made studying even more enjoyable.”