Crystal Wang

Explore Crystal's journey as she elevates her marketing career through the Master of Legal Studies at Auckland Law School.

Crystal Want, Master of Legal Studies student
Crystal Want, Master of Legal Studies student

Key facts

Programme: Master of Law Studies (MLS)
Career: Product Marketing Business Partner in vocational education sector

I opted for the University of Auckland for my master’s degree based on my excellent experience during my postgraduate study at Business School. The courses were not only practical but also offered flexibility in my study, which allowed me to have a healthy work-life balance.

Studying for my MLS at the Auckland Law School is enhancing my skillset, especially in understanding the legal aspects relevant to governance.

Securing my Master of Legal Studies Degree is going to be a game-changer for my career. Having worked in the marketing sector for nearly a decade, adding legal knowledge to my skill set will undoubtedly make me stand out in the industry. As a strategic lead, this legal expertise will enable me to make more informed decisions, giving me an edge over others who may not have this legal background.

Moreover, the legal insights I've gained will make me more astute in the commercial and governance realms.

Studying for the Master of Legal Studies at UoA has been a pivotal experience in my professional journey, particularly as someone from a non-law background. The flexibility of MLS programme allows me to customise my studies, which means I'm not just learning abstract concepts but engaging with material that's directly relevant and applicable to my career.

My experience at the University of Auckland has been incredibly enriching so far. One of the standout aspects is the diverse learning environment. It's fascinating to interact with students from various countries, especially in the law section, which makes classroom interactions much more engaging and thought-provoking.

One of my biggest achievements in relation to my studies has been navigating and excelling in the law program at UoA. Initially, the intensity of the classes and the extensive readings were quite challenging, especially as someone without a law background. However, this journey has been so rewarding to me, as my progression from a complete beginner to successfully completing my first Master's level essay.

I believe my MLS degree will not only enhance my current role but also open up new opportunities, allowing me to contribute more significantly and advance further in my career.