Divya Rathore

Divya is a PhD candidate at the Auckland Law School. She was awarded a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship in 2021 and the Fowlds Memorial Prize in 2020.

Key facts

Programme: Doctoral programme
Previous qualification: LLM in Human Rights Law with first class honours at University of Auckland, completed in 2021

“I joined the University of Auckland in 2020 to pursue a masters in Human Rights Law. I was really interested in how the taught masters was structured at UoA. The focus on teaching, combined with a significant research component, was an ideal LLM format for me.

I really value the freedom I have in directing and shaping my research. Another
highlight is the support and insight I receive from my supervisors. This
combination of strong support and the liberty of self-direction makes the doctoral programme a very enriching experience.

Divya Rathore

“I have now completed my masters degree and commenced my doctorate. The faculty’s wealth of knowledge and the University’s investment in research are what compelled me to continue into doctoral studies here. The Law School’s research has a positive societal impact.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how society works and its complex interaction with other variables like gender, culture and religion. This passion has guided me into human rights and family law. My current research centres on forced marriages – how they manifest in people’s lives and how the legal response framework in Aotearoa New Zealand can be strengthened to address the issue.
“Along with a rich academic experience, I’ve met peers from diverse backgrounds, and we’ve shared our stories. Lockdown was challenging, but the student advisors here were very helpful throughout. And it’s always been handy to have a rich library and many other support resources available online.

“Auckland is home to a very diverse population, and the way it embraces all of this diversity is its highlight for me. There are always fests and activities to attend. It’s truly heart-warming to be a part of them. The city also has some very beautiful landscapes to explore, and hiking has become one of my new obsessions!”