Jaime Vasquez

Jaime, from Colombia, is completing his PhD specialising in International Migration and Refugee Law. He is the recipient of a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship.

My research focuses on the regional regimes of international protection in the Americas. It emphasises the Latin American traditions on asylum and refugee protection and the dynamics of externalisation of migration control and asylum protection taking place in the region.

Jaime Vasquez

The University of Auckland is regarded as a national and international leader in the field of human rights. It is also well known for its research on some of the world’s contemporary challenges, such as conflicts, and other causes of involuntary displacement, which are closely related to my research interests.

My supervisors have extensive expertise in the global and regional regimes of international protection. They also have knowledge of the human rights governance worldwide and some aspect of it in the Americas.

The staff here have always shown a willingness to support me and make me feel part of the academic community despite being far away from the academic campus.
The regular contact with my supervisors has been the most beneficial aspect of my doctoral journey and fundamental for the progress in my research.

Most of my doctoral colleagues are international students from all over the world. Such a multicultural doctoral cohort is highly beneficial. Each student brings their own views and insights on areas of international law based on their unique experiences and cultural backgrounds.

My advice would be to undertake robust research before submitting the research proposal and not give up on the first or second rejection, just keep trying. Familiarise yourself with the research methodology and the variety of theoretical frameworks suitable for your research – it will save you a lot of time.