Yuan Ji

Yuan Ji is studying for a Master of Taxation Studies. University of Auckland's dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusivity played a significant role motivated her to study at the Auckland Law School.

Yuan Ji
Yuan Ji

Key facts

Programme: Master of Taxation Studies
Career: Teaching assistant

I choose to study taxation because they believe it plays a crucial role in promoting social fairness and ensuring the healthy development of society. Taxation serves as a means of secondary redistribution, addressing income inequality and promoting a more equitable distribution of wealth.

By studying taxation, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the principles and mechanisms behind tax systems, which can enable them to contribute to creating a more just and balanced society. My research focuses on the tax planning strategies employed by High-net-worth Individuals (HNWIs), with a particular emphasis on their wealth inheritance and the impact on tax disclosure systems.

As an international student, my experience with lecturers has been
really positive. They have been incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, and
supportive throughout my studies. Whenever I've had questions or needed
guidance, they have always been there to help. Their expertise and willingness
to assist have made the learning process much smoother.

Yuan Ji

The University of Auckland strives to create an inclusive and equitable environment for all students, including international students. Equity for international students encompasses various aspects, such as access to educational opportunities, support services, and a sense of belonging within the university community.

Since transitioning to study at UoA, the most significant change I have experienced is the level of academic rigor and the depth of knowledge expected from students. The coursework and assignments at UoA require a higher level of critical thinking, independent research, and analytical skills than my previous educational experiences. The professors here strongly emphasize challenging students to think beyond the surface and develop a deeper understanding of the subjects. This transition has pushed me to improve my study habits, time management, and overall academic performance. It has been both demanding and rewarding, as it has helped me grow academically and prepare for future challenges.

Studying at the UOA law school is both exciting and challenging. By researching, seeking advice, and getting involved, you can have a rewarding experience at the Master of Taxation Studies.

I am applying for a PhD in Law. My career and further study plans would be centered around pursuing a career in academia or legal research.