Inspera exams FAQs

When will my final results be available?

Final results are usually available between 10 and 20 days after the last day of the exam period for most taught courses including those without an exam. Your results can be accessed on Student Services Online.

Am I able to access my Inspera exam submission?

Yes, you will be able to access your exam submission on Inspera within 48 hours of the final grades being confirmed and posted on Student Services Online. Exam submissions will be available for a period of 4 months. You may download your exam submission if you wish.

How do I view my Inspera online exam submission?

Log into your Inspera dashboard, click on the appropriate exam and access your submitted exam script under the Archive tab. A quick reference guide for students will soon be available on the website.

What marks will I see in Inspera?

When you access your exam script in Inspera you will be able to see the raw marks awarded to you for each question. Note that if your exam required you to complete multiple questions as part of one file upload you will only see the total raw marks related to the one file upload (rather than raw marks per question). For multiple-choice questions, you will be able to see the questions you answered correctly and also the correct answer for any questions you answered incorrectly.

Why is my exam mark in Inspera different to my final exam mark in Canvas?

Inspera records your raw marks for each question. These are then transferred to Canvas where they may be subjected to moderation by the Examiner. Marks may be moderated for various reasons. If your final marks in a course have been moderated, you can expect the Examiner to advise the basis of moderation and explain why provisional grades or raw marks in Canvas and Inspera may differ from your final grade for the course.

How do I access Inspera for a class test, quiz or other formative assessment?

In your Canvas course, locate the relevant assignment, which will link to the Inspera Assessment. An Inspera Assessment cannot be started until the test window is open (when the start date and time have been reached).

How do I access Inspera for my exam?

In your Canvas course, locate the Online Exam assignment, which will link to the Inspera Assessment for your exam.

Can I use my mobile device for sitting my Inspera exam?

Mobile devices and tablets are not suitable, because the content has not been designed for use with smaller screens. This makes the user experience extremely varied, with the presentation of features being dependant on the device, its browser settings and version of the operating system. 

What web browser should I use to access Inspera?

Inspera can be used with standard web browsers, although Google Chrome is preferred. The two most recent, stable versions of the following web browsers are always supported: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Is it true that Inspera locks users out of all other functionality on their devices?

The University will not be activating Inspera's Safe Exam Browser (SEB) functionality at this time. Without this functionality activated, you will not be locked out of other applications on your device.

Does the University have access to the data held on my device if I am using it for Inspera?

No, the University cannot access any personal data on your device. Inspera is a cloud-based software programme, accessed through your chosen internet browser (in the same way as Canvas, Student Services Online), with no installation is required.

How can I borrow a compatible device to use for my Inspera exam?

Libraries and Learning Services operates a short-term (same day) loan service for laptop use on campus only. These devices can’t be used at home, or elsewhere off campus. For more information, please see the website.

Loan laptops for longer-term use, including off campus, can be requested by filling out the Student Technology Support form.

Do I have to install software on my device in order to use Inspera?

No, Inspera is cloud-based software hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means that the system is accessible to end-users via web browsers, and you don't need to install anything on your device.For invigilated exams sat using Inspera Smarter Proctoring, you do need to download software to sit your exam. Please see the Invigilated (supervised) examinations for more information.

Will my Inspera exam close down automatically at the end of the published exam duration?

Yes, the Inspera exam will automatically close at the stated end time. This will occur in all locations, both within and outside New Zealand. Inspera's auto-submit functionality means your answers are saved and submitted at the time your exam closes, should you run out of time or forget to submit your answers manually.

I am having trouble practising in Inspera. Who should I ask?

If you're having problems practising in Inspera, the first person to speak to is your lecturer or course coordinator.

If you have issues during an exam, please phone our student support team on 0800 61 62 63 (if you are in New Zealand) or +64 9 373 7513 (if you are outside New Zealand).

Can I view my answers once I have completed the exam and submitted it?

No, you cannot view your answers once they are submitted. However, once grades have been finalised, your exam script will be available through Inspera for viewing or downloading for a period of four months.

What happens if power to my device is lost during my online exam?

Your work will not be lost as Inspera is cloud-based and your answers will save every six seconds.

Find somewhere with power and continue your work. Or, if you have access to an alternative device, you can log back into Inspera and continue. If you cannot continue your exam, phone our student support team on 0800 61 62 63 (if you are in New Zealand) or +64 9 373 7513 (if you are outside New Zealand), and advise them of the issue.