Insiders' toolkit for new students

From tips to nail your first week of classes, to explaining University lingo, find out our insiders' tips to starting off at the University on the right foot.

As we reach the middle of the first semester, chances are you will have been tested in some way and the results are starting to trickle in.

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We've already introduced you to a few resources to help you succeed academically, but we’ve got your back in other areas that may affect your study, too.

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Wellbeing Educator Kylie

We care about your wellbeing

Hear from our resident expert Kylie on how to look after your wellbeing during Semester.

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Getting used to the terms we use at Uni can feel like learning a whole new language. Read on to master the lingo at the University of Auckland.

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As a student, you will need to manage your money carefully. Check out some tips to help you balance your finances.

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Maybe you’ve already identified a couple of areas you need help with. Find out where to get academic assistance.

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Your first week on campus is an exciting time! Here are our top 10 tips to nail your first week of classes.