Gear up for Faculty Orientation

It’s nearly time for your Faculty Orientation Day! Check out our tips below to help you get prepared for your first week on campus.

  1. Download the University's New Student Guide app so you know what to expect from your Faculty Orientation Day.
  2. Make sure your Campus Card (Student ID) is sorted - if you haven't received yours yet, head to AskAuckland Central or email the Campus Card team.
  3. Work out how you'll get to uni. There is limited parking on and around campus but your best bet is public transport, walking, or cycling (we have secure bike sheds).
  4. A top tip from current and former students is to sort out your timetable ASAP - this will help you organise your life! Check out this helpful guide online.
  5. Get your AT Hop student concession for up to 40% off public transport. The pop-up stall will be on campus for the first two weeks of classes.
  6. Take a campus tour. Your UniGuide will show you around during your Faculty Orientation Day, but if you miss out or need a refresher, tours will run from AskAuckland Central on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at midday and 2pm next week (commencing Monday 26 February). You can also download the self-guided tour app.
  7. Enrol at the on-campus doctors for access to seriously low-cost medical services.
  8. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (@SnapUoA) to stay in the loop with events, activities and opportunities on campus.
  9. Check out the cafes and shops on campus - if you're looking for a cheap lunch, most cafes on campus offer a 'Budgie Meal' for $6.50 or less.
  10. New to Auckland? Check out some of the awesome things you can do in the city.