Affiliated University staff

We continue to build an inclusive community of researchers with interests in urban themes who are located within the University. Learn more about them.

Dr Elizabeth Aitken Rose
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Urban planning, arts, cultural policy and heritage, cultural planning in local government, engaging young people in planning, community and local economic development, and public management.
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Assoc Prof Waleed Abdulla
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Smart city design and management, particularly understanding urban noise patterns.
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Prof Robert Amor
Computer Science
Expertise: Construction IT related projects ranging from BIM, CAD, simulation, VR, project models, DMS, integrated systems, Internet services, AI; future ICT approaches to improve productivity in construction; and application of beneficial computer science for architecture, engineering and construction.
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Dr Melani Anae
School of Maori and Pacific Studies
Expertise: Pacific research methodologies and approaches to a broad range of social issues; regional processes of migration, urbanisation, ethnicity, and the politics of identity; and understandings of identity construction of Pacific peoples and communities in New Zealand.
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Assoc Prof Quentin Atkinson
Expertise: Spread of pro-environmental behaviours through social networks and sustainable environments and behaviours.
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Patricia Austin
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Planning and affordable housing, sustainable housing, eco-districts and eco-towns, planning for an ageing population, planning for disabled access, designing inclusive accessible built environments, crime prevention, safer cities and communities, planning and injury prevention; and strategies for more sustainable urban futures, including lower carbon cities.
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Dr Elham Bahmanteymouri
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Theory of planning, urban and regional economics, land economics, land-use planning, housing policies, and urban growth management policies.
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Dr Tom Baker
School of Environment
Expertise: Public policy, welfare state, social services, cities, urban politics, and urban planning.
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Dr Allen Bartley
School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work
Expertise: Migration, migrant adaptation and settlement in New Zealand, 1.5 generation New Zealanders and transnational migration, and New Zealand biculturalism/multiculturalism and social cohesion.
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Dr Annie Bartos
School of Environment
Expertise: Cultural, political and environmental geography; feminist political geography, children and youth geographies, environmental education for sustainability, and urban food security.

Dr Lee Beattie
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Developing, implementing and evaluating urban planning policy; urban growth management issues, urban design implementation, and the implementation of the Resource Management Act 1991.
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Prof Jacqueline Beggs
School of Biological Sciences
Expertise: Urban ecology.
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Dr Paola Boarin
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: National and international policies for energy-efficient buildings, process and product innovation in the field of architectural technology, sustainability of the built environment, energy efficiency design strategies and policies, sustainability assessment methods, guideline and operating procedures for energy and environmental retrofit and regeneration of historic buildings, and historical urban settlements and school buildings.
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Prof Klaus Bosselmann
Expertise: Environmental Law, Global Environmental Law and Governance, Constitutionalism, and Legal Theory.
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Prof Diane Brand
Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries
Expertise: Urban waterfronts (blue space), natural disasters, and urban design.
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Prof Gary Brierley
School of Environment
Expertise: River rehabilitation and water resource management.
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Prof Deidre Brown
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Indigenous architectural design and Maori and Pacific architecture and art.
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Assoc Prof Ralph Buck
Dance Studies
Expertise: Community dance and building community well-being.
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Prof Chris Bullen
School of Population Health
Expertise: Housing and health.
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Assoc Prof Bruce Burns
School of Biological Sciences
Expertise: Biodiversity management in urban forest ecosystems.
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Dr Mark Busse
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Food security in rapidly urbanising countries.
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Assoc Prof Charles Clifton
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Behaviour and design of steel seismic-resisting systems, behaviour and design of steel buildings for fully developed fire conditions, and acoustic performance of buildings and building elements.
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Dr Brad Coombes
School of Environment
Expertise: Resource and environmental management, indigenous participation in conservation and sustainability and environmental justice.
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Assoc Prof Seosamh Costello
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Transport infrastructure management and decision making including performance management and benchmarking; cycle infrastructure levels of service, particularly safety and risk; vehicle emissions, air quality and personal exposure.
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Assoc Prof Kim Dirks
School of Population Health
Expertise: Vehicle emissions, air quality and personal exposure, air pollution modelling, air pollution exposure, the impact of climate on health, and environmental noise.
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Prof Jenny Dixon
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Strategic Engagement)
Expertise: Urban form and intensification, private urban governance, gated communities, and strategic environmental assessment.
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Dr Zhi Dong
Expertise: Impact of investors' heterogeneity on asset prices, capital structure decisions, earnings management for listed property portfolios, investment strategies and portfolio management, real option applications and auction design, risk pricing and volatility analysis, and strategic land development and property pricing.
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Dr Olga Filippova
Expertise: Influences on property values; Property and finance.
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Dr Karen Fisher
School of Environment
Expertise: Environmental management; Water governance; Politics of resource use; Participatory development; Knowledge production for sustainability.
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Assoc Prof Katie Fitzpatrick
Critical Studies in Education
Expertise: Issues of culture, class, gender and ethnicity; youth perspectives.
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Prof Richard Flay
Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Wind comfort criteria including pedestrian wind comfort and wind loads on buildings; mitigation of unacceptable wind effects.
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Assoc Prof Anthony Fowler
School of Environment
Expertise: Hydrology and water resource planning, climate change, and climate change impact assessment.
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Dr Heide Friedrich
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Insights into the inner workings on water-worked environments through: river and coastal mechanics and sediment movement; modelling, flow structure and ecohydraulics.
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Assoc Prof Wardlow Friesen
School of Environment
Expertise: Immigration and ethnic change, impact of immigration on urban spaces and institutions and creation of new ‘ethnoscapes’, population change, urban planning, service provision and the built form.
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Assoc Prof JC Gaillard
School of Environment
Expertise: Disaster risk reduction (DRR), participatory tools for DRR; marginalisation and DRR with focus on ethnicity, gender minorities, children, prisoners and homeless people; livelihood assessment and strengthening in DRR; and post-disaster resettlement.
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Dr Emilio Garcia
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Urban design, ecological resilience to the analysis of the morphology and context of urban landscapes; resilience in relationship with compactness, adaptability, and inequality in the built environment.
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Assoc Prof Julia Gatley
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Modern and post-modern architecture, architectural history, modern heritage and adaptive reuse.
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Assoc Prof Luke Goode
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Social and cultural impacts of changes in media culture and technology.
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Dr Shiloh Groot
Expertise: Homelessness, social inequality, and poverty.
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Assoc Prof Kai Gu
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Urban morphology and urban design, waterfront planning, methods of characterising and managing the urban landscape, urban planning and design of Chinese cities.
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Assoc Prof Michael Gunder
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Public policy and planning, resource management policy; and critical deconstructions of dominant built environment related discourses/movements such as those of sustainable development, smart growth, new urbanism and urban design to give greater understanding of human actions and decision making.

Prof Errol Haarhoff
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Urban Design, urban settlement history, medium density housing, and place shaping.
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Dr Farzaneh Haghighi
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Intersection of urban space and event; and the intersection of political philosophy, architecture and urbanism.
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Lena Henry
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Maori and resource management, Iwi planning and development, community planning, and local government policy and planning.
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Assoc Prof Niki Harré
Expertise: Community and sustainability psychology, design and evaluation of injury prevention interventions: pedestrian safety, rail safety; and strategies to inspire sustainability and equality.
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Assoc Prof Elsie Ho
School of Population Health
Expertise: Migration and mental health, integration and settlement, and diversity issues.
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Dr Jamie Hosking
School of Population Health
Expertise: Injury prevention, especially traffic and transport related; health equity, and urban design to improve road safety, health, environmental and social outcomes for communities.
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Prof Jason Ingham
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Concrete and masonry construction in new and existing buildings, structural response and particularly seismic response, and acoustic and thermal performance.
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Dr Rhys Jones
Te Kupenga Hauora Maori (TKHM)
Expertise: Maori health, health inequalities, environmental health, and climate change.
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Prof Robin Kearns
School of Environment
Expertise: Housing and built environment, neighbourhood and wellbeing; and the human experience of healthy housing and liveable, equitable neighbourhoods that promote both child-friendly cities and aging in place.
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Prof Ngaire Kerse
School of Population Health
Expertise: Health of the elderly, fall prevention, mental health, housing, and modelling society through ageing and changing health service needs.
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Dr Asif Khan
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Physical and social infrastructure, transportation planning, housing policy, and non-shelter outcomes of housing.

Assoc Prof Bridget Kool
School of Population Health
Expertise: Reducing injury, housing, and health of the elderly.

Dr Ronald Kramer
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Urban sociology, neoliberalism, inequality and criminal justice systems, subcultures, and graffiti writing culture.
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Dr Stephen Knight-Lenihan
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Planning for: sustainable transport, biodiversity management, ecological resilience and integrated catchment management, low carbon cities, green infrastructure, and resilient urban environments that also offset their ecological footprint.

Prof Richard Le Heron
School of Environment
Expertise: Policy and governance, discourses and practices of sustainability, and post-structuralist political economy.

Prof Deborah Levy
Expertise: Behavioural aspects of property, property management, and real estate marketing.
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Assoc Prof Nick Lewis
School of Environment
Expertise: Political economy and political geography, governance and the making of industries, and geographies of education.
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Assoc Prof Jan Lindsay
School of Environment
Expertise: Volcanic hazard and risk assessment; and risk communication and emergency management.
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Dr Kirsten Locke
Critical Studies in Education
Expertise: Education for sustainability; and intersecting and overlapping interests in education that encompass architecture, gender, policy and practice, art, and music.
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Dr Alys Longley
Dance Studies
Expertise: Art, ecology, and interdisciplinary projects on sustainability issues.
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Prof Sholeh Maani
Expertise: Economics of labour markets and labour market policy, economics of education, economics of immigration, income distribution, and health and housing.
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Dr Julie MacArthur
School of Social Science
Expertise: Environmental politics and policy, participatory governance, renewable energy policies, social and solidarity economies, best practices and policy innovations on the social and economic impacts of new green infrastructure; potential of small scale projects to shape new policy initiatives in food, energy, housing and finance sectors.
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Prof Brian Mace
Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Structural dynamics, vibrations, acoustics, active noise and vibration control, and smart structures.
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Assoc Prof Ralph Maddison
National Institute for Health Innovation
Expertise: Smart cities, physical activity and healthy environments, particularly with a technology focus.

Assoc Prof Jay Marlowe
School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work
Expertise: Refugee settlement, social inclusion and ways that migrant communities can participate within civil society, and information communication technology and refugee background communities.
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Dr Manfredo Manfredini
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Affordable and social housing, low-cost high-performance energy retrofitting of existing houses using self-construction, advanced tech and integrated sustainability principles, refunctionalising existing houses, and resilient habitat development.
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Sasha Matthewman
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Expertise: Ecocriticism and education for sustainability.

Dr Steve Matthewman
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Technology studies, the underbelly of modernity, and sociology of accidents and disasters.
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Dr Cate Macinnis-Ng
School of Environment
Expertise: Climate-vegetation interactions, plant ecophysiology and ecohydrology specialising in water and carbon fluxes of trees and other vegetation.
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Bill McKay
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: New Zealand architecture and urban design issues, history of the built environment, and Maori architecture.
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Dr Dermott McMeel
Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Investigating emerging methods to design for environmental and digital construction techniques (EDFAB), the influence of technology on the design/making process and the built environment, Smart Cities and the effects of technology on behaviour and use of buildings, mobile technologies and collaboration; social, collaborative, experiential and philosophical implications of digital media.

Prof Stuart McNaughton
School of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Expertise: Development of education and schooling success for diverse communities; links between housing and educational achievement.
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Dr Marilyn Tangi Ina McPherson (Brewin)
Nga Pae o te Maramatanga
Expertise: Maori injury prevention and safety; indigenous models for safe communities.
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Dr Alice Mills
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Housing and marginalised populations; prisoner reintegration and desistance from crime.
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Dr Mohsen Mohammadzedeh
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Globalisation, planning in the emerging global cities, planning and urban conflicts, smart city, cybernetic technology and ethics of big data, and transportation and infrastructure planning.
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Prof John Morgan
Expertise: Social and cultural aspects of educational politics, alternative food networks, and education for sustainability.
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Karamia Muller
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Design for dementia sufferers.
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Prof Larry Murphy
School of Environment
Expertise: Globalisation and world cities; housing policy and urban change: homeownership, social rental housing; finance capital and the built environment: office development, the institutional evolution of listed property trusts, finance capital and entrepreneurial urban governance, housing finance, mortgage securitisation; and understanding property markets.
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Assoc Prof Carol Mutch
Critical Studies in Education
Expertise: The role of schools in disaster response and recovery; citizenship in action: the responses of children and young people to disasters; schools, communities and children in disaster settings.
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Assoc Prof Nirmal Nair
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expertise: Power system protection (IEC 61850, SPS, WAPS); electricity markets (ancillary services, volatility, demand side participation); smart grids (emphasis on substation automation, smart-metering, protection and control); integration of renewable (wind, solar) and distributed generation into power systems; high-energy storage and electric vehicle impacts on distribution utilities.
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Dr David Newcombe
Social and Community Health
Expertise: Housing vulnerable populations and addiction.
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Assoc Prof Ken Palmer
Expertise: Land valuation and rating, Maori land valuation and rating; heritage protection, aquaculture, and marina development; local government law, resource management law, environmental law, heritage law; and public works acquisitions.

Dr Meg Parsons
School of Environment
Expertise: Historical geographies of settler societies, Indigenous peoples' perceptions and responses to social and environmental changes; risk, resilience and climate change adaptation, drivers of transformational change, and interaction of different knowledge systems (western scientific, Indigenous and local knowledges).
Dr Meg Parsons’ profile  

Prof Pierre Quenneville
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Multi-residential timber building, new solutions for resilient housing especially cross-laminated timber panel construction; and hybrid buildings (concrete, steel and timber) to optimise either acoustic, sustainability, vibrations or seismic performance.
Prof Pierre Quenneville’s profile

Dr Gary Raftery
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Timber construction specialist
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Assoc Prof Robert Raine
Mechanical Engineering
Expertise: Vehicle emissions and energy efficiency.
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Dr Andrea Raith
Engineering Science
Expertise: Multiobjective network optimisation problems, especially transportation modelling in vehicular traffic, cycling, and aircraft routing; network equilibrium problems such as traffic assignment.
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Prof Dory Reeves
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Planning and social sustainability, gender and urban planning, and UN Habitat.

Dr Michael Rehm
Expertise: Adaptive reuse, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Sustainable Real Estate Development.
Dr Michael Rehm’s profile  

Assoc Prof Uwe Rieger
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Passive housing settlements, reactive architecture, and digital modelling and fabrication.
Assoc Prof Uwe Rieger’s profile

Assoc Prof James Russell
School of Biological Sciences
Expertise: Ecology, biosecurity and conservation with an emphasis on population and behavioural biology questions relating to what makes species threatened or invasive, and how these trends can be reversed; species diversity and community composition, and the application of genetic methods within an ecological context.
Assoc Prof James Russell’s profile  

Assoc Prof Damon Salesa
School of Maori and Pacific Studies
Expertise: Rethinking Pacific New Zealand.

Assoc Prof Jennifer Salmond
School of Environment
Expertise: Vehicle emissions, air quality and personal exposure; urban air pollution and urban meteorology.
Assoc Prof Jennifer Salmond’s profile  

Assoc Prof Ajit Sarmah
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Transport, modelling and effects of emerging contaminants; sustainable waste utilisation; prioritisation and risk assessment of emerging chemicals including pesticide degradates in NZ’s terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems; use of biochar to improve soil quality; and climate change mitigation.
Assoc Prof Ajit Sarmah’s profile

Dr Luitgard Schwendenmann
School of Environment
Expertise: Carbon and nutrient cycling, ecosystem functioning, ecohydrology, global change and urban ecosystem ecology.
Dr Luitgard Schwendenmann’s profile  

Assoc Prof Asaad Shamseldin
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Hydrology and water resources, urban water management, floods and tsunami modelling, hydroinformatics, climate change, and environmental effects for housing.
DAssoc Prof Asaad Shamseldin’s profile  

Assoc Prof Peter Shand
ELAM School of Fine Arts
Expertise: Public art and its role in civic transformation.
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Prof Basil Sharp
Economics, Director of the Energy Centre
Expertise: Assessment of solar energy potential in Auckland, optimal contract design, energy efficiency and spatial modelling of hazards.
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Assoc Prof Kevin Simon
School of Environment
Expertise: Urbanisation and the effect on the structure and function of streams and lakes, pollution assessment and remediation, and ecosystem ecology.
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Assoc Prof Rachel Simon-Kumar
School of Population Health
Expertise: Inclusive policy and marginal groups, biculturalism and multiculturalism, gender and policymaking, domestic violence and ethnic communities in New Zealand.
Assoc Prof Rachel Simon-Kumar’s profile

Assoc Prof Jim Speers
School of Fine Arts
Expertise: Public art and civic transformation.
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Assoc Prof Margaret Stanley
School of Biological Sciences
Expertise: Biodiversity and ecosystem function in urban areas; collaborative research to impact on policy and practice.
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Dr Lesley Stone
Manager of Sustainability and Environment, Property Services
University environment and sustainability initiatives.

Dr Sean Sturm
Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education
Expertise: The liveable university as a microcosm for the liveable city.
Dr Sean Sturm’s profile  

Prof Mark Taylor
Chemical and Materials Engineering
Expertise: High tech construction including innovative materials, processes and devices for New Zealand construction.
Prof Mark Taylor’s profile  

Prue Taylor
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Resource management law and policy.
Prue Taylor’s profile

Dr Sam Trowsdale
School of Environment
Expertise: Urban hydrology, water and society, water sensitive urban design, urban infrastructure and social change through the lens of water, hydrogeology, and environmental management.
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Dr Stephen Turner
School of Humanities
Expertise: The liveable university as a microcosm for the liveable city.

Assoc Prof Yvonne Underhill-Sem
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Gender and development, critical population geographies, political ecology, enculturating economic processes, progressive social movements, and Pacific development.
Assoc Prof Yvonne Underhill-Sem’s profile  

Dr Marjorie van Roon
School of Architecture and Planning
Expertise: Ecological carrying capacity, integrated catchment management, low-impact urban design and development, sustainable development, ecosystem conservation and restoration, and ecotoxicity and contamination.

Dr David Welch 
Audiology, School of Population Health
Expertise: Improvement of urban soundscapes; and health and quality of life impacts of noise and soundscapes.
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Dr Kirsty Wild
School of Population Health
Expertise: Cycling, active transport, urban planning issues, environmental health and health equity.
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Assoc Prof Janine Wiles
School of Population Health
Expertise: Ageing in place, social gerontology, and aged care.
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Dr Douglas Wilson
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Highway and transportation engineering design, road safety engineering, pavement surface materials performance testing, system evaluation, funding and economics, travel demand management, traffic engineering; and water, wastewater and environmental engineering.
Dr Douglas Wilson’s profile

Dr Charlotta Windahl
Expertise: Product and service innovation; understanding the human, market and business dimensions of innovation; business model design and market shaping activities.
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Prof Alistair Woodward
School of Population Health
Expertise: Environmental health, transport and health, transport and injury, and climate change.
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Dr Liam Wotherspoon
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: Integrated structure foundation response, seismic response of bridges, resilience of port facilities, large scale field testing, and geotechnical site investigation.
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Assoc Prof Hong-Key Yoon
School of Environment
Expertise: Cultural geography, cultural attitudes to the environment, and ethnic mosaic in Auckland.
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Dr Kirsten Zemke
School of Social Sciences
Expertise: Performance, identity and place.
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