Degree Planning

It is important to understand your programme requirements, how this affects the courses you enrol into, and how you plan your studies.

Course and Enrolment

The course offerings are split into subjects, for example Architecture, Music, and Urban Planning, and there is information about each course available within that area. These details will enable you to plan your studies, and they include:

  • The course prescription (a short explanation about it)
  • The semester availability of the course
  • Any programme, plan, and other restrictions on enrolment
  • The prerequisite courses which you must have completed before you can enrol in that course
  • Notes about special elements of enrolment, for example auditions

A good approach to planning your enrolments:

Open your 'My Programme Requirements' report and then, in another window or tab, check out the courses using the courses and enrolment information. You can then map out your enrolments across the semesters, make sure the courses count towards your degree, you are eligible to enrol in them, choose between electives, and then enrol online.

My Programme Requirements

My Programme Requirements’ is a tool in Student Services Online designed to tell you about your degree structure, what you have done, and what you need to do.

  • What courses you need to enrol as part of your degree.
  • What courses you have already completed and how these fit within your degree.
  • What courses you are currently enrolled into and how they fit in your degree.
  • Your overall progress towards to completion of your degree.
  • Any exceptions you may have had added to your record.

My Programme Requirements helps you plan your studies and you can view details about the courses on offer this year, the Semester they are available, and other important information through our Courses and Enrolment pages.


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You can always contact the Student Centre team, or book an appointment, to discuss your enrolments.