Music Practice Rooms and Composition Studios

Learn about the practice and composition facilities available to students at the School of Music.

Music school student playing instrument.

The School of Music has a number of teaching and rehearsal spaces and several well-equipped composition and recording studios at its main Symonds Street building.

Additional studios, practice spaces and recording facilities are located at the Kenneth Myers Centre (KMC) on Shortland Street. KMC is used for the teaching and learning of jazz, popular music, sound and dance, and also houses the Gus Fisher Gallery, creating exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Practice rooms

Our practice rooms are located in the Music Annexe, and in KMC. Practice rooms in the Music Annexe can be booked by Classical Performance students, while those in KMC can be booked by Popular Music and Jazz Performance students.

Practice rooms and performance studios may contain upright pianos, music stands, orchestral chairs, electric instrument amplification, audio and power cabling, and drum kits. If you use additional equipment, remember to take it away at the end of your session.

Classical Performance piano students have priority to Practice Rooms 1 to 7 in the Music Annexe. If you do not need a piano, please try to book a room without a piano out of consideration to pianists.

All other students of the School of Music are eligible to book rooms on a first come, first served basis, although we expect that non-performance students are considerate of performance students' needs. 

Composition studios

There are two state-of-the-art electronic studios located on the first floor of the Symonds Street building, to the left of the main staircase. These studios are fully maintained by technical staff for the use of students studying composition or sound design.

Access is limited and needs to be arranged in consultation with the Coordinator of Composition Studies.


John Kim
Building 820 (Kenneth Myers Centre)
Room 132, Level 1
Extension: 82466
Available hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm

Sean Curham
Building 250 (School of Music)
Mezzanine floor, Room M02
Extension: 87567
Available hours: Wednesday and Friday, 9am to 4.30pm

Theo Gibson
Building 250 (School of Music)
Mezzanine floor, Room M02
Extension: 81675
Available hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 4.30pm

Music techs

Book equipment at the School of Music.