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The value of creative education

Diane Brand
Professor Diane Brand, Dean of the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

As a faculty, we promote creative rebellion - pushing existing boundaries and problem solving to overcome creative challenges. Students in our programmes advance their skills under the guidance of leading practitioners, academics and researchers, with a strong focus on creative thinking.

Students also develop important supporting skills: effective communication, curiosity, leadership, resilience and perseverance, important assets for working in any field.

Combined with becoming proficient in the latest digital and technical resources in these fields, students graduate with a well-rounded creative education, enabling them to be more adaptable to change in the job market.

Creative careers have never been easy, but with uncertainty around technological advancements and the role artificial intelligence may play in making some jobs redundant, creative thinkers will have the advantage of being able to think innovatively and with agility.

I encourage you to explore the broad range of traditional and emerging roles available to creative graduates.

Professor Diane Brand
Dean, Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries

Live what you love

Many of our students and graduates aspire to be built environment professionals, designers, artists, professional musicians, dancers or choreographers. However, everyone's journey is different. 

A large portion of our graduates have also built successful careers in roles which require a higher level of training and understanding in the creative arts and built environment fields, including managers, administrators and teachers inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers. 

Below you will find a range of career tools and resources for creative graduates. 

Guide to Creative Careers

Career planning

Many of our staff members are practising professionals who can help you plan for your future, whether you are thinking of joining the workforce, exploring your creative entreprenuerial ideas or considering further study in a postgraduate programme. 

Career Development and Employability Services (CDES)

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