Personal Support and Wellbeing


Find out about the counselling services available at the University.

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Who you can contact for immediate support in a health and counselling emergency.

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Get support with feelings of anxiety, low mood, relationships, grief, addictions, low self-esteem or low confidence. Independent, confidential, and free to all.

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There are a variety of support services available for alcohol and drug related issues and concerns. Find out about some of them here.

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Connect with support and resource for individuals who are suffering from anxiety.

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This pages provides links to where to get help if you're living in fear in your relationship of your family.

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Find self-help resources to help deal with depression.

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Find help and support for you or others who have experienced sexual abuse.

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Learn about the range of advice and support services available for your sexual health.

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Habits for life

Learn about some tips and tricks for personal resilience.

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Thriving at university

Resources to help you flourish during your time at university.

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Habits for health

Read up on some practical ways you can keep yourself in good health.

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