Creative and community partnerships

We have strong connections with other universities and employers, as well as creative, professional, government and business organisations throughout New Zealand and the world.

The Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries is an active member of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), the largest international organisation of multidisciplinary creative arts/industries educational institutes, with around 315 member organisations worldwide.

We also have relationships with the Glasgow School of Art and Architecture and the Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, as well as the professional bodies associated with our disciplines.

Our international standing is such that ISPS 2009, the biennial International Symposium on Performance Science, was hosted by the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries.

Individual schools and programmes also foster many important connections, both here and overseas.

School of Architecture and Planning

PlaceKit project 2018

Links to the professions

  • Strong links with the professional architecture community through the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB).
  • Close links with the professional planning community through the New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) and its Council.
  • Professional associations are involved in the detailed accreditation of degree programmes in Architecture and Planning. NZIA representatives are on the National Visiting Panel for the five yearly Architecture accreditation process and on the annual Interim Review Panel. NZPI members are on the Committee for the five-yearly accreditation of the professional planning degrees.
  • The Architecture, Urban Planning and Urban Design programmes regularly feature guest speakers from industry, through both the Fast Forward and the Future Proof lecture series.
  • Professional architects and planners make up a large percentage of the staff teaching our design courses, which provides students with direct access to leading practitioners. They also critique the work produced by students in the studio.
  • Through the Open Desk programme, Architecture students can apply to work in selected architectural practices during semester breaks.
  • Architecture students undertake internships with leading architectural practices such as Architectus, Jasmax, Stevens Lawson Architects, Pete Bossley Architects, Pattersons and Peddle Thorp Architects.
  • Planning students undertake internships with organisations like Beca, GHD, Hill Young Copper and Auckland Council.

Links with local councils and government authorities

  • The school maintains close links with local government authorities in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand, including the Christchurch City Council and the Ministry for the Environment.
  • School researchers have assisted in the development and critique of the Auckland spatial and unitary plans; urban intensification in the Auckland region; affordable housing policy in Queenstown-District Lakes; low impact urban design in Taupo, Kapiti, Christchurch and Auckland; and in Christchurch regeneration.
  • The Local Government Association guest lectures at the School.
  • Several staff members are on the Auckland Council’s Urban Design Panel and the Auckland Heritage Advisory Panel. The Urban Design Panel is chaired by a staff member.

International links and exchanges

  • Affiliation with the World Planning Schools Congress, the World Society of Ekistics, UN Habitat and close association with several key schools of Planning in the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • The school is a member of the Association of Australasian Schools of Architecture, and the Washington DC-based Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.
  • The Master of Architecture (Professional) is recognised by the Commonwealth Association of Architects.
  • Students in the School benefit from connections with the UNHabitat outreach work – UNHabitat Day, PHD scholarships and internships for undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in a university programme.
  • Graduates from the School find employment in public and private practices throughout New Zealand and in many countries around the world, due to the international recognition given to our qualifications.
  • The school has engaged in a number of international exchange trips to fellow institutions in Vancouver, Portland, Sydney, Barcelona and China. Students often work on projects in a studio environment
  • The 360º Auckland Abroad programme gives students the opportunity to spend a semester or a year of study at one of more than 90 universities in 25 different countries.
  • Other 360º Auckland Abroad options may involve field trips, short courses or internships.
  • The programme is available to both outbound students (Auckland students who wish to attend an overseas university on exchange) and inbound guest exchange students.

Dance Studies

Kate Riegle van West

Links with industry associations, industry professionals and events

  • Our staff provide regular workshops for the Auckland Dance Educators Network, and our students and graduates are members.
  • Our staff helped establish the Christchurch Dance Educators Network in 2012, and provided regular workshops to industry professionals.
  • Our staff and students have been on the Boards and organization committees of the Tertiary Dance Education Network (TDENNZA) and Dance Aotearoa New Zealand (DANZ).
  • Our programmes regularly connect with local primary (Stanhope Road School) and secondary (Auckland Girls Grammar) schools and other community organizations (Starship Hospital) that employ dance professionals.
  • Our staff and students are regularly engaged as performers within Auckland and Christchurch festivals and events (Tempo, White Nights, The Body Festival).

International links and exchanges

  • We are working within several UNESCO Unitwin Network and observatories.
  • We have a world-leading Dual Masters programme with Beijing Dance Academy in China.
  • We have a long term research relationship with University of the Arts, Helsinki. This project is called ArtsEqual. 
  • We have established new partnerships with the University of Chengdu, China. 
  • Dance Studies has initiated a Silk Road Dance Education Partners research project that connects multiple international organisations.
  • Our staff are members of professional associations such as the World Dance Alliance (Asia Pacific Chapter), Congress on Research in Dance (CORD), Dance and the Child International (DaCI) and the World Alliance of Arts Education (WAAE), and have held executive positions on these organisations.
  • Our staff and student research and performance connects with community dance companies such as VoU in Fiji, El-Funoun in Palestine, Amrita Performing Arts in Cambodia, and Traks Dance in Australia.

Elam School of Fine Arts

Elam at Auckland Art Fair 2018

Links with industry, professionals and events

  • Elam enjoys strong links with local and global events, including the Venice Biennale, the Auckland Triennial and the Auckland Arts Festival.
  • The Elam Advisory Board consists of well-established artists and key philanthropists who help to develop links with industry partners such as gallery directors, other practising artists, patrons and curators.
  • In recent accreditation processes associated with developing a new Elam syllabus, consultation has been made with tertiary providers and galleries such as the Auckland Art Gallery and the Adam Art Gallery, as well as with professional New Zealand artists, Māori stakeholders and key actors in arts education, including tertiary teacher trainers and secondary school teachers.
  • Elam has a tertiary membership with the Artists’ Alliance, which is an organisation that supports artists with connections to industry. Elam students are entitled to all workshops, talks and services that the Alliance provides.
  • In Year 4, students enjoy a professional programme of events that brings curators, critics, practising artists and tax consultants to the School.
  • The Elam Grad Shows themselves are attended by a host of industry representatives including gallery directors, curators and teachers. The shows also provide students with immediate interactions with key industry players.

School of Music

Industry links in the area of performance

  • Formally linked to the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.
  • Strong links with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.
  • Strong links with Chamber Music New Zealand.
  • Regular participation by staff and students in Jazz festivals in Auckland area
  • Our partnership with CJC Creative Jazz Club Aotearoa provides unparalleled performance and collaboration opportunities for our students.
  • Regular participation by staff and students in Auckland Arts Festival.

Links with the recording industry

  • Links with various New Zealand recording companies (in pop, classical and jazz fields).
  • Developing connections with the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Royal College of Music and various other international partners through its KAREN network videoconferencing project.
  • Links within the Education sector
  • Strong links with the Institute of Registered Music Teachers (IRMT).
  • Developing formal links with the National Association of Tertiary Music Schools in Australia (NACTMUS).