Design students

Meet our Design students and hear how they’re learning to create positive change and solutions to complex problems, preparing them for a breadth of careers across all business sectors.

Nabeel sitting in teaching space for a interview.

The tight-knit mentorship of the Design Programme empowered Nabeel Hassan’s growth as a Master of Design student.

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Rikka Ly collaborates with her Design peers

Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) student Rikka Ly’s Summer Research Project flexed her passion for project design.

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Felicity typing on a laptop while sitting at a table in a teaching space.

The Master of Design broadened Felicity Bonham’s skillset to enable her people-driven attitude to problem-solving.

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Close up of Riya standing the Design Fabrication Lab in front of 3D printers

International student Riya Narode is pursuing a Bachelor of Design to explore her fascination with the transformative power and impact of design.

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Headshot of Nazia Ahmed

Master of Design student Nazia Ahmed has a background in Public Health and looked to design as a way to improve patient care.

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Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Science student Jedidiah Solomon says design is all about meeting passion with purpose.

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Design student in workshop

Bachelor of Design and Science conjoint student Anneka Calder moved from Christchurch to Auckland to study, and says design is what you choose it to be.

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Leah smiling while wearing a black blazer and standing in front of plants

Bachelor of Design and Laws conjoint student Leah Burger wants to use her creativity and critical thinking skills to design solutions to solve big problems.

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Clara smiling

Studying a Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science conjoint degree inspires Clara Schroeder to design for a sustainable future.

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Marco in the Fabrication Lab at Design

Marco looks forward to designing for a better, more sustainable future using the processes he is learning in his Bachelor of Design and Environmental Science.

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