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Everything you need to know about the academic, professional and social support and facilities available to students at New Zealand’s leading engineering faculty.

Key information for undergraduate students, including instructions on core BE(Hons) courses.

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Essential information necessary to undertake postgraduate study, including advice on research publishing.

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Find enriching opportunities outside the classroom that align with your goals and interests, within our faculty and wider University.

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We provide a range of facilities and resources to ensure that our environments are safe and conclusive to academic success.

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See how we support and encourage students from underrepresented groups throughout their time in engineering.

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Our faculty and University support services – from academic to professional – are available to you for every year of study.

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An initiative designed for all University students with a common goal to contribute broadly towards the field of Space research.

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Get the sought-after leadership skills necessary to take on the professional world.

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Get help on finding part-time work, advice on your CV, or resources on the next steps for your professional career.

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