Computer labs

The faculty provides facilities for the general computing needs of all students enrolled in engineering courses.

The general computer rooms are supported by departmental-based facilities catering for postgraduates, research purposes and, in some departments, even for undergraduates from Part II and above.

The computing facilities enable students to access the internet, email and the online library resources along with a range of printing, photocopying and scanning options.

All students can access the internet for free by logging into computers using their usernames and passwords. The workstations dual boot into either a Windows or Linux environment.

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IT essentials

IT essentials provides links to get help if you're a University of Auckland student or staff member

You can get specific details on access, passwords and logins, printing, software, and other IT-related services provided at the University via our Library's IT Essentials portal.

Computer rooms

There are five computer rooms in total. Altogether, these rooms have about 262 computers and four colour printers. Computers in the teaching rooms are available for student use when classes are not running.

There is to be absolutely no eating or drinking in all general faculty computer rooms. Anyone caught doing so will have their accounts disabled.

Security officers will be doing spot checks after hours and will be taking down names.

Teaching rooms

  • Room 401.307 (42 computers) 
  • Room 401.311 (33 computers) 
  • Room 401.312 (43 computers)
  • Room 439.G08 (31 computers and one colour printer)

Student drop-in work areas

  • Room 401.301 (113 computers and three colour printers)

Opening hours

Student work areas

  • Monday to Friday during semester (except public holidays): 8am to 7pm
  • All other times: 8am to 5pm
  • Outside these hours, access is available via access card to Rooms 1.301 and 1.306

Teaching rooms

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm
  • These rooms are unavailable for general student use when classes are scheduled

After-hours access to computer rooms

The card is for your own use only.

  • You are not to allow other people to use your swipe card.
  • You are not to allow any other person into the room.
  • You are to take care when entering or leaving the room that any other person does not "coat tail" you in or out.

Any student discovered infringing any of the above rules will be required to report to the Director of Faculty Operations to explain their actions. If a reasonable explanation is not forthcoming they will have their swipe card disabled for a period of time.