About WIE

The Women in Engineering (WIE) office provides support, advice and encouragement for women in the Faculty of Engineering.

Women in Engineering provides a range of services for current women students in engineering and also those who are considering studying with us, including:

  • Providing information, support and assistance in academic, personal and career issues for current undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Supporting undergraduate and postgraduate women's networks in the Faculty of Engineering
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with industry and professional engineers
  • Advising our faculty on the status of women students. and assisting to develop pro-active initiatives to improve participation and retention rates of women in areas where they are currently under-represented.
  • Providing information for female secondary school students about life in our faculty and the career opportunities that exist in engineering, including
  • Visits to schools, community groups and hosting groups on campus
  • Having individual conversations with female students who are considering Engineering
  • Hosting Year 13 girls on campus for our annual Enginuity Day to encourage secondary school girls to see what engineering is really about. Read more about Enginuity Day.

Women in Engineering Adviser

Our full-time Women in Engineering Adviser provides advice and support to all women Engineering students. She also works closely with the student-led Women in Engineering Network. Find out more about their role, and others in the Student Development and Engagement team.