Multi-Disciplinary Learning Spaces

Our Multi-Disciplinary Learning Spaces (MDLS) play a pivotal role in ensuring our students achieve a mastery of concept-rich course material through active learning in authentic contexts.

MDLS are expected to act as catalysts for curriculum development and the faculty's vision of transforming into an active learning environment for students. More than just laboratories and workshops, the MDLS are composed of 38 flexible and specialised learning spaces to enhance learning experience for approximately 4,000 undergraduate Engineering students every year.

The teaching and learning opportunities available within a MDLS include face-to-face within a contextual setting, a more targeted learning experience, and the option of group work with re-configurable furniture, experimentation with roll-in and roll-out equipment, and champion courses.

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The 38 MDLS are across a number of categories: Flexibles, Electrical and Instrumentation, Wet Chemistry, Wet Non-Chemistry, Computational, and Specialised. You can view 360 degree images of spaces from each category:

You can also check out our first four MDLS in 360°. These rooms are unique spaces that are configurable to a variety of different disciplines. The furniture and equipment is all easily movable, so teaching staff are able to customise the labs to best suit student needs.


Equipped for fluid dynamics, hydrology experiments. and civil engineering experiments


Equipped for wind tunnel experiments, electrical experiments, and strength of materials testing


Equipped for design and build activities (supported by the Engineering workshop)


Equipped for design and build activities (supported by the Engineering workshop), and dual mechanics experiments

Our team

Our MDLS technical services team’s mission is to collaborate with subject matter experts and support the development of the concepts underpinning key courses and identify the difficult concepts to be explored through practical activities and other learning resources. For any general enquiries, reach out to us at

Dr Ashveen Nand
Technical Manager – Teaching
Ashveen’s area of expertise is material science and engineering, with particular interests in polymer synthesis, processing and characterization. He leads the MDLS technical team. Contact.

Dr Terry Huang
Senior Teaching Technician
Terry’s background is in Electrical and Electronics engineering. He specialises in object detection and tracking, mmWave technology and wireless sensor networks, and is responsible for the MDLS Electrical and Instrumentation as well as computing facilities. Contact.

Dr Kelly Kong
Senior Teaching Technician
Kelly has a food science and engineering background and specialises in anti-microbiology activities specialization. She is also familiar with the use of hydraulic related equipment. She is responsible for MDLS Flexible 1 and MDLS wet chemistry rooms. Contact.

Joslin Singh
Senior Teaching Technician
Joslin has a chemical sciences background with an emphasis on Environmental/ Analytical Chemistry and analytical instrumentation. She is responsible for MDLS Analytical lab, MDLS Chemistry labs and MDLS Metallography labs. Contact.

Leo Luo
Senior Teaching Technician
Leo has an electronics and mechanical engineering background. He has industrial experience in heavy lifting crane manufacturing, hydrographic and geophysical survey. His expertise also extends to data acquisition and processing, PCB and CAD design and project management. He currently supports Engineering Science and Bioengineering courses at MDLS. Contact.

Moein Abdi
Teaching Technician
Moein has a mechanical engineering background. He specializes in structural vibration, wave propagation, dynamic modelling, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Finite Element Method (FEM). He supports undergraduate mechanical, mechatronics and civil engineering teaching at MDLS. Contact.

Sivakumar Kandasamy
Teaching Technician
Sivakumar has a Mechatronics engineering background. He specializes in automation by setting up instrumentation, data acquisition, and control systems for engineering applications. He is also proficient in prototyping and developing engineering ideas using CAD Design and Modelling. Currently, he supports mechanical, civil and engineering design undergraduate teaching in the MDLS Flexible spaces. He is also in-charge of the Design and Build Workshop. Contact.

Maria Lourdes Balansay
Teaching Technician
Maria has a background in electrical and electronics engineering. Her areas of specialization are renewable energy, electrical installation, power troubleshooting, schematic reading and soldering. She is responsible for MDLS Electrical and Instrumentation rooms and the soldering workshop. Contact.

Kevin Stan
Teaching Technician
Kevin has a background in electrical/ electronics engineering and computing. He holds the NZ Practising Licence from Electrical Workers Registration Board (Electrical Service Technician). He supports activities in the MDLS 3D printing and computer labs. Contact.

Saad Nazir
Teaching Technician
Saad has a mechanical engineering background, with emphasis in thermal engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning technologies, material testing, instrument calibration and workshop technologies. He supports mechanical and civil engineering courses and is also in-charge of the laser cutting facility. Contact.

MDLS resources

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