Multi-Disciplinary Learning Spaces

Our Multi-Disciplinary Learning Spaces provide students of all specialisations environments that allow for all methods of teaching. This includes supporting self-directed learning, encouraging group-based activity and collaboration.

The Faculty of Engineering’s Multi-Disciplinary Learning Spaces (MDLS) opened in March 2017, and provide us with a unique opportunity to utilise a space that is configurable to a variety of different disciplines. The furniture and equipment are all easily movable, allowing teaching staff to customise the space to best suit learning needs.

Alongside the new teaching spaces, there is room for students to study and relax. Larger areas with comfortable furniture for relaxing and socialising are complemented by smaller breakout spaces, where you can study solo or with a group.

Our workshop (next to MDLS 3 and 4) supports design and build activities with equipment including lathes, a laser cutter and 3D printer.

Additional MDLS are in the works. Due for completion in late 2019, our new Faculty of Engineering building will include more flexible learning spaces and MDLS equipped for activities and experiments in a range of specialisations.

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Each MDLS is tailored to suit particular undergraduate teaching activity. You can take a closer look at them with our 360° images.


Equipped for:

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Hydrology experiments
  • Civil engineering experiments


Equipped for:

  • Wind tunnel experiments
  • Electrical experiments
  • Strength of materials testing


  • Equipped for design and build activities (supported by the Engineering workshop)


Equipped for:

  • Design and build activities (supported by the Engineering workshop)
  • Dual mechanics experiments