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Our engineers provide research, consulting, and technical expertise across the many disciplines of engineering, applicable to many NZ industry sectors.

Your journey starts best with a conversation

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The Newmarket Innovation Precinct (NIP)

Contact NIP if you have a general engineering-related inquiry or you are looking for some specific engineering expertise or testing capability. We will call you back and help you find the best people to speak to within the Faculty of Engineering.

Auckland UniServices Limited

UniServices provides a University-wide line of inquiry with sector-specific business development managers. They are happy to help with any inquiries and will always be involved when we develop significant research programmes involving industry partners.

Do you have a technical question or does your business face an engineering challenge requiring additional expertise? Do you have a novel idea that might generate new company IP or a project to implement that requires time or capability you don’t currently have?

With 5 physical locations, 13,000 staff and 44,000 students, the opportunities to engage with the University of Auckland are endless.

We can support your engagement by simplifying your journey. On this page you can explore some of the mechanisms we often use to achieve the outcomes you might seek. Since every challenge, project, or potentially great idea is unique, your journey best begins with a conversation.

How we can help you

Supervised Engineering student research projects

A great option for companies to explore an opportunity or answer a question which requires research. Student projects are often a good low-risk starting point for a fuller research programme which might involve academic expertise and attract government funding.

Best contact for enquiries: NIP

  • For non-critical delivery timelines only
  • Most student projects have prescribed start and delivery dates determined by the academic year (exception: PhD research)
  • Some student projects may require a level of company investment
  • Many student projects will attract government co-funding

Consultancy, research and technical services 

The best option for companies who need a more timely delivery of advanced research-based outcomes or testing data to support current or new business operations. 

Best contact for enquiries: NIP

  • Provides timely consulting expertise by academic researchers
  • Provides on-site evaluations, recommendations and support
  • Provides testing services using technical expertise, facilities and equipment
  • Creates a pathway for future collaborations for companies with an R&D focus

Industry-University research partnerships

Each year UOA proves highly successful in attracting research funding. The bar is set high and the applications require much preparation and support which is provided by our highly-experienced university staff and Auckland UniServices Ltd (part of the Commercialisation Partner Network).

Best contact for enquiries: Auckland Uniservices Limited

  • For high risk/high return R&D which taps into significant government funding opportunities ($0.4m - $15m)