South Pacific Indigenous Engineering Students (SPIES) Network

SPIES is a network of Māori and Pacific Engineering students who have supported each other since 1993 by providing a range of social, cultural and sporting activities. The network also has a dedicated study and recreation space in the Faculty of Engineering.

While an engineering degree is hard work, SPIES makes life a little more enjoyable.  

To find out more about SPIES, including how to join and what they have to offer, contact

SPIES Executive Board

Faireka Fairoa
Zelma Vincer

Vice president
Lehopoame Hausia

Arran Davis

Lana Sheerin

AUES Officer
Peter Te'o-McFall

IT Officer
Anthony Ripley

Sports Officer
Kayla Fuemana

Nela Napa'a

NTM rep
Harota Los'e

SPEEX Officer
Alex Talakai-Puloka

Public Relations Officer
Tana Faamausili