About the GSE

The Graduate School of Engineering offers a range of postgraduate taught programmes and is committed to developing students' knowledge and skills in preparation for career progression.

A very warm welcome to existing and prospective students. The Graduate School of Engineering prides itself on being a place of expansive learning through a commitment to excellence in a range of relevant Masters and Diploma programmes. When you join us you will develop your competencies through an enriching personalised experience, giving you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills to be effective in your future careers.

Dr Garry Miller - Associate Dean of Postgraduate (Taught)

A dedicated space for GSE students

In a first for the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School of Engineering developed a dedicated space to build a community around its staff and students. It's comprised of staff offices, a communal space as well as both solo and group study areas that are conducive to deep thinking and collaborative learning. 

Core members of the GSE staff have moved into open plan offices in the space, a key step in reducing barriers between staff and students and ensuring a community can grow. 

State-of-the-art facilities

Earlier this year, our brand new Engineering Building opened to staff and students. It was constructed around the concept of Visible Engineering, and is designed to be a home for undergraduate learning through to postgraduate and staff research across our five departments. 

The building contains over 50 specialist research labs and 25 multidisciplinary learning spaces to ensure the current and next generation of engineers are ready for the future. These spaces were augmented with more than 700 brand new pieces of equipment to support learning and research. 

Living and studying in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand's largest and most diverse city, and offers plenty of ways to refresh after studying. Over 800 beaches, parks and walkways scattered across its landscape contrast with a modern city centre packed with sport, arts, and food from its people's many cultures. 

Our campus is located centrally, which makes it easy to access through range of public transport methods, and opens up the accomodation options to suburbs across the city if you don't want to stay near campus.