Faculty staff

Here you’ll find the contact details for our faculty staff at Creative Arts and Industries.

Staff position




Dean of Faculty Professor Diane Brand d.brand@auckland.ac.nz
Deputy Dean Associate Professor Julia Gatley julia.gatley@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Academic Associate Professor David Lines d.lines@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Māori and Pasifika Dr Tia Reihana tia.reihana@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - International Senior Lecturer Sarah Foster-Sproull s.foster-sproull@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research Senior Lecturer Farzaneh Haghighi f.haghighi@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Research Professor Nicholas Rowe n.rowe@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Teaching and Learning Associate Professor Alys Longley a.longley@auckland.ac.nz
Director of Faculty Operations Sharon Peace s.peace@auckland.ac.nz
Director of Faculty Finance
Arlette Galich a.galich@auckland.ac.nz
Group Services Manager  Lesley Ruki-Willison l.ruki-willison@auckland.ac.nz
Student Academic Services and Engagement Manager Tom Owen t.owen@auckland.ac.nz
Communications and Marketing Manager Caitlin Sinclair caitlin.sinclair@auckland.ac.nz
Information Services and Technical Resources Manager Ramon Scurrah r.scurrah@auckland.ac.nz