Faculty staff

Here you’ll find the contact details for our faculty staff at Creative Arts and Industries.

Staff position Name Email
Dean of Faculty Professor Nuala Gregory na.gregory@auckland.ac.nz
Deputy Dean Professor Deidre Brown deidre.brown@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Academic Associate Professor Jason Brown
Associate Dean – Equity Dr Millie Locke millie.locke@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Māori Associate Professor Peter Robinson p.robinson@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - Pacific Dr Charmaine 'Ilaiu Talei charmaine.'ilaiu.talei@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - International Professor Ralph Buck r.buck@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - Postgraduate Research Dr Fabio Morreale
Associate Dean - Research (Operations) Professor Nancy November n.november@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Research (Strategic) Professor Nicholas Rowe n.rowe@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - Sustainability (Academic) Dr Gabriela Baron g.baron@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean - Sustainability (Operations) Lesley Ruki-Willison l.ruki-willison@auckland.ac.nz
Associate Dean – Teaching and Learning Associate Professor Paola Boarin p.boarin@auckland.ac.nz
Director of Faculty Operations Sharon Peace s.peace@auckland.ac.nz
Director of Faculty Finance
Arlette Galich a.galich@auckland.ac.nz
Academic Services Manager Lesley Ruki-Willison l.ruki-willison@auckland.ac.nz
Communications and Marketing Manager Tamara Rickett t.rickett@auckland.ac.nz
Group Services Manager Lizzie Luamanu lizzie.luamanu@auckland.ac.nz
Research Services Manager Denice Belsten d.belsten@auckland.ac.nz
Student Development and Engagement Manager Fern Insh fern.insh@auckland.ac.nz
Technical Services Manager Ramon Scurrah r.scurrah@auckland.ac.nz