Our highly skilled technicians are available to students from all disciplines for guidance and advice as you use the equipment.

Technical Team Leaders

Kenneth Murgitroyd - Team Leader (Workshops)

Advanced City & Guilds of London General Carpentry and Joinery, HNC Construction Management

Kenny has woked in both the construction and education industries for over 40 years in New Zealand and Scotland. He maintains practical skills to a high and relevant standard which can be used in modern construction and university tuition.

Kenny is enthusiastic to be working with the students and staff at the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries through assisting their studies, research and enjoyment of the resources.

Kenny is based in the Architecture and Planning workshops (Building 421).

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Zane Egginton

Zane Egginton - Technical Team Leader (Digital)

Bachelor of Science (BSc) 

Zane has always had a love for anything visual, especially when it comes to the technology behind it. His love of technology led to a science degree; however, he has always maintained his passion for the visual.

Over several years Zane built and ran a film studio while he was lecturing at Unitec (1998 – 2014) in Landscape and Architectural technology; primarily CAD/BIM, digital fabrication and visualisation. He enjoys the challenge of helping staff and students bring their ideas to life, and seeing them use the skills he has taught them to produce quality work.

Zane oversees the photography, graphic design, moving image, digital research hub (DRH) and music technicians across the faculty. He says that between the knowledge and skills of the technical staff, together with first-rate available equipment, students can "pretty much produce anything" in their chosen discipline.

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Zane is based in the Digital Research Hub, within the Architecture and Planning building (Building 421 Room 423 (DRH Lab)).

Graphic design

Amanda Wright

Master of Fine Arts, Diploma in Graphic Design

Amanda oversees Digital Print and Design. She works with students and academic staff to produce research publications and digital and offset printed material.

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Amanda is based on level three in the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433).


Robyn Walton
Robyn Walton

Robyn Walton - Technician (Metal)

Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Architecture with honours

Robyn looks after the metal fabrication workshop at Elam and assists with metal casting. She is a recent graduate from the Elam MFA programme and has a background in Architecture.

Contact Robyn
Robyn is based on level one of the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433 Room 136A).


Sharon Fitness
Sharon Fitness

Sharon Fitness - Technician (Metal)

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Sharon runs the metal workshop and stone cutting facilities at the School of Architecture and Planning. She has developed a wide range of skills from over ten years of experience as a technician in sculpture, jewellery and architecture workshops. 

Sharon has an established art practice, working mainly with conceptual jewellery and moving image. She enjoys problem solving and teaching students to become confident experimental makers.

Contact Sharon
Sharon is based on level one, room 137 in the Architecture and Planning workshops Building 421 (access via the wood workshop).

Mold making and casting

Franca Bertani

Franca Bertani - Mould making, casting and ceramics

Master of Industrial Design

Franca works in the casting laboratory at Elam where she oversees the ceramic and casting area, including plaster, resin, metal and glass casting.

Over many years working in tertiary education, she has acquired experience in model making for industrial design and architecture, digital fabrication and the fine arts.

Franca enjoys the varying challenges posed by the students' projects.

Contact Franca
Franca is based on level one of the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433)

Moving image

Tracey Guo
Tracey Guo

Tracey Guo - Technician Moving Image​

Master of Fine Arts

Tracey oversees the digital hub at Elam. She enjoys assisting with student who are exploring video imagery in a variety of ways. Tracey specialises in moving image.  

Contact Tracey
Tracey is based in the Mondrian Building at Elam (Building 433)

Music, lighting and sound

John Kim

John Kim  

Postgraduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Design

John oversees the recording, live sound and sound design aspects of the School of Music and other performances. Working with students who bring the most creative ideas to the table, and watching the incredible results, is what John enjoys most about his role within the faculty.

Contact John
John is based in the Kenneth Myers Centre building (Building 820).

Theo Gibson

Theo Gibson 

Bachelor of Performance and Screen Arts, Major in Screen. Diploma in Film and Television Production, Major in Sound

Theo Gibson is a technology-based practitioner with a broad range of experience in theatre, film and audio production. He currently works as a podcaster, producer, creative director and film/tv/music technician where his technical skills and experience with artistic productions give him a creative edge.

Contact Theo
Theo is based at the School of Music (Building 250)


Marco Hidalgo, photography technician
Marco Hidalgo

Marco Hidalgo 

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Marco has been a commercial photographer for over thirty years; he has also done extensive work as a travel photographer. Editorial assignments have provided the opportunity to travel as a photojournalist to over sixty countries around the world, in all seven continents, including Antarctica. The mix of precise commercial studio work and the freedom of available light of location photography has given Marco a good understanding on how to use light.

Marco has also taught photography at tertiary level for over ten years, at first at Universidad Iberoamericana, his alma mater and then in New Zealand as head of department at South Seas Film & Television School in Auckland from 2009 – 2016. 

Contact Marco
Marco is based on level two, room 431-217C in the Main Fine Arts Building at Elam (Building 431).


Steve Lovett 

Master of Fine Arts, Diploma in Adult Teaching

Steve Lovett runs the Elam Printed Matter Lab on level 4 of building 433 at Elam.

Steve has a twenty-five year-long involvement as an artist and educator engaged with industry, and in print research and teaching. The Elam Printed Matter Lab has developed a focus on both analogue approaches to print, digital print processes and accommodating a diverse range of approaches to print research and practice.

A developing focus of print research involves the interface between analogue and digital modes of print research and production. By this means, print-based research investigates an expanded range of outcomes including fine art, print design and publishing photographically-related work, all of which employ materials and processes recognised by industry and the creative sector.

In the Printed Matter Lab there is a focus on work flows, technical knowledge and practical accomplishment designed to support the diverse range of student research. 

Contact Steve
Steve is based on level four, room 446-433 in the Mondrian Building at Elam (Building 433).


Scott Facer 

Bachelor of Design

Scott looks after the wood workshop and digital fabrication lab. He has a strong background in furniture and object design and enjoys the design challenges students bring into the workshop.

Contact Scott
Scott is based in the Architecture and Planning workshops (Building 421).


Joseph Makea

Joseph looks after the wood workshop at Elam A School of Fine Arts. He has a strong background in furniture and cabinet making.

Contact Joseph
Joseph is based in the Mondrian building (Building 433).


Bronte Perry

Contact Bronte
Bronte is based on level one of the Mondrian building (Building 433).

Wood and CNC digital fabrication

Vincent Lardeux
Vincent Lardeux

Vincent Lardeux  

Higher Diploma in industrial Model Making (London), CAP/BEP in Joinery and Cabinet Making (France) 

Vincent has worked in many different sectors in England, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and New Zealand as an architectural model maker, woodwork instructor, commercial joiner, Super Yacht cabinet maker, forman in 3D panelling joinery, plus many years in tertiary education. 

Vincent is enthusiastic to be working with the students and staff at the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries through assisting their studies, research and enjoyment of the resources. 

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