Our highly skilled technicians are available to students from all disciplines for guidance and advice as you use the equipment.

Technical Team Leaders

Peter Cleveland - Team Leader

Metal - welding, fitting, fabrication, turning
Masters of Creative Technology (MCT)

Peter has worked as a technician in New Zealand's creative industries for over 20 years. His roles have included Senior Special Effects Technician, Best Boy Grip, Motion Control Engineer, Audio Engineer, Guitar Technician, Mechanist and Rigger. He enjoys the traditional methods of making and seeing how craftsmanship and technique interacts with modern concepts and technology. He is currently a Masters candidate in Creative Technology.

Peter's job includes overseeing the 3D analogue and digital fabrication hubs at Elam and the School of Architecture and Planning. The team has an absolute dedication to Health and Safety in all environments, "however we do not stifle creativity with regulations." Peter acknowledges and supports the world-class capabilities of the analogue team. "These are people who are at the high end of their craft, forming professional working relationships with students, teaching them self mastery."

Contact Peter
Peter is based in the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433).

Zane Egginton - Team Leader

Moving Image

Zane's area of expertise is moving image – from film to AV gear and everything in between. Zane works with students using video imagery, providing advice on equipment, editing, lighting and sound, either in group workshops or one on one environments. He enjoys the challenge of students' novel ideas, and seeing people utilise the skills he has given them to produce quality work.

He oversees the photography, graphic design, 3D printing/scanning and music technicians across the faculty, noting that "the skills of the technical team would see them employed in any area of the industry." He says between the knowledge and skills of the technical staff, coupled with the leading equipment available, students can "pretty much produce anything" in their chosen discipline in the faculty.

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Zane is based in the Architecture and Planning building (Building 421).

Graphic design

Amanda Wright - MFA, Diploma in Graphic Design

An Elam alumna, Amanda specialises in graphic design. She particularly loves publication design and watching as students develop their concepts into completed publications for their research.

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Amanda is based in the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433).


Daniel Swain - Qualified Welder / Fabrication Technician

With 15 years experience in the trade, Daniel works with students using the metal shop equipment such as welders, mills, lathe, grinders, polishers and gas torch, amongst others. He enjoys teaching students new skills and watching the sense of achievement they have in their finished product.

Contact Daniel
Daniel is based in the Architecture and Planning workshops (Building 421).

Mold making and casting

Franca Bertani - Masters in Industrial Design

Franca oversees the metal, resin, glass, plaster, concrete casting and ceramic workshop at ELAM.

Before moving to New Zealand, she worked as a model making technician at Milano Politecnico and worked independently as an industrial and graphic designer.

Franca enjoys the variety of projects that students bring in and the combination of traditional technologies with digital fabrication.

Contact Franca
Franca is based in the Mondrian building (Building 433).

Music, lighting and sound

John Kim - PGDip (Sound recording & design)

John oversees the recording, live sound and sound design aspects of the School of Music and other performances. Working with students who bring the most creative ideas to the table, and watching the incredible results, is what John enjoys most about his role within the faculty.

Contact John
John is based in the Kenneth Myers Centre building (Building 820).


Ellen Portch - BFA

Ellen is one of the few tertiary painting technicians in the world and has taught at Elam for over a decade. She delivers group workshops on the technical aspects of fine art painting as well as providing one-to-one advice. She can create and mix multiple types of paint and work with various supports and grounds. Ellen enjoys watching and facilitating students' artistic growth through the exploration of painted media.

Contact Ellen
Ellen is based in the Mondrian building at Elam (Building 433).


Darren Glass - MFA

Darren has been photographing since the 1980s. He oversees the lighting studios, darkrooms and a wide range of analogue and digital cameras. Darren enjoys working with students who use photography in unusual or non-traditional ways.

Contact Darren
Darren is based in the Main Fine Arts building (Building 432).

Kim Annan

Kim is based in the Mondrian Building at Elam (Building 433).



Scott Facer - (BDes)

Scott looks after the wood workshop and digital fabrication lab. He has a strong background in furniture and object design and enjoys the design challenges students bring into the workshop.

Contact Scott

Scott is based in the Architecture and Planning workshops (Building 421).

Joseph Makea

Joseph is based in the Mondrian building (Building 433).

Kenneth Murgitroyd - Advanced City & Guilds

Kenny is an experienced carpenter/joiner who oversees all woodworking machinery. He previously lectured and taught in Scotland before moving to New Zealand. Kenny enjoys encouraging students towards the practical building process and seeing the variety of work produced by students.

Contact Kenny
Kenny is based in the Architecture and Planning workshops (Building 421).