Building hours at Alert Level 2

Access to Creative Arts and Industries buildings is restricted at Covid-19 Alert Level 2, read on for building opening hours and health and safety requirements.

Updated Tuesday 22 September 2020

The University will deliver teaching via online learning mode for a two-week period from Monday 21 September to Friday 2 October.

The Creative Arts and Industries Student Centre and workshop facilities listed below are open to students. All other Creative Arts and Industries spaces have restricted access for authorised students only. Please check your Canvas course pages for updates.

Health and Safety requirements

All students accessing the Creative Arts and Industries facilities must adhere to these Health and Safety requirements:
  1. Record your movements using the University’s attendance recording service Check-IN. You must use this system each time you enter a room and building. 
  2. Scan the NZ COVID Tracer QR code at each building entrance.
  3. Keep a 1 metre distance from others. 
  4. Sanitise your workspace and equipment as directed by our staff. 
  5. Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands frequently. 
  6. Wear your mask or face covering. 
  7. Follow the standard health and safety protocols for each specialist area.  
  8. Do not come onto campus if you are unwell.
Students walking in the University campus

Restricted workshop access

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Architecture and Planning Building 421-E

Metalwork 421E-137

Technician: Sharon Fitness

Woodwork 421E-129

Technician: Kenneth Murgitroyd

Technician: Scott Facer

CNC milling 421E-127

Technician: Vincent Lardeux

Creative Print (Large format printing)

This is a Click and Collect service only. Please email Vicki for instructions because there is no student access into Creative Print.

Technician: Vicki Ormond

Design Building 402

Fabrication lab 402-340

Technician: Thomas Lawley

Technician: Jamie Coombe

Digital lab 402-344

Technician: Peter Vosper

Elam Main Building 431

Photography 431-208, 431-218, 431-208, 431-218, 431-221, 431-222, 431-217B
Only one student per darkroom (via managed access)

Technicians: Kate van der Drift (Mondays to Wednesdays), Kim Annan (Thursdays and Fridays)

Elam Mondrian Building 433

Woodwork 433-105

Technician: Joe Makea

Metalwork 433-131

Technician: Robyn Walton

Ceramics/casting 433-114, 433-120, 433-136, 431-113

Technician: Franca Bertani

Paint booth. Only one student permitted at a time. 433-121

Technician: Please see Robyn or Franca located on level 1 for assistance.

Moving image/equipment loan 433-308

Technician: Tracey Guo

Printmaking 433-401, 433-404, 433-411, 433-421, 433-432, 433-441

Technician: Steve Lovett

Design/print. On-site support is only available on request. Please contact the technician.

Technician: Amanda Wright

Please note

  1. All students must adhere to the health and safety requirements detailed above.
  2. Safe levels of student numbers in spaces and social distancing rules will be carefully managed by staff. We may need to limit access or implement a booking and/or priority system, if necessary.