Building hours

Access to Creative Arts and Industries buildings and facilities is available to enrolled students, read on for opening hours across the faculty.

Updated Thursday 14 April 2022

The Creative Arts and Industries facilities listed below are open to currently enrolled students with a Campus Card.

Do NOT come on to campus if...

You have a fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, or loss or change in sense of taste or smell – however mild.

When on and moving about on any University of Auckland campus

Face masks are not required on campus under Orange (indoors or outdoors) except for areas that are separately mandated, such as pharmacies, health and disability services and retail outlets. More about this in Masks on campus.

Health and safety requirements

All students accessing Creative Arts and Industries facilities must adhere to these health and safety requirements:

  1. Anyone who is unwell, self-isolating, or who has been advised by health authorities to remain at home while they wait for their Covid-19 test results must stay at home.
  2. We recommend the use of disposable surgical masks or similar unless the risk assessment for the work you are doing specifies a different type of mask.
  3. Use hand sanitiser when you enter and exit the buildings.
  4. Follow the instructions of our staff who are there to help you.

Staff will be monitoring the facilities to ensure compliance with the Orange health and safety guidance.

Building opening hours

All external doors will lock automatically at 5.30 pm and you will require a valid Campus Card to enter.

Students, please carry your Campus Card with you at all times.

Monday to Sunday including public holidays, 7.30am - 11pm

  • Architecture spaces in Building 409 
  • Architecture and Planning Building 421-E and 421-W 
  • Architecture acoustics wing in Building 422 
  • Design Building 402 
  • Design postgraduate study space in Building 423, Level 2 
  • Music Annexe Building 206 
  • Music Building 250 
  • Music Kenneth Myers Centre Building 820 
  • Elam Main Building 431 
  • Elam Building 432 
  • Elam Mondrian Building 433 
  • Urban Planning Studio in Building 421 
  • Urban Planning Studio in Building 432

Monday to Sunday including public holidays, 7.30am - 8pm

  • Dance Studies Building 113 
  • Dance Studies studio in the Kenneth Myers Centre Building 820, Level 2

Fisher Building 804

  • Undergraduate hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm 
  • Postgraduate hours: Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, 7.30am - 11pm

Workshop opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm

  • Woodwork 421E-129
  • Metalwork 421E-137
  • CNC milling 421E-127
  • Design Fabrication Lab 402-340
  • Design Digital Lab 402-344
  • Woodwork 433-105
  • Printmaking 433-401
  • Metalwork 433-131
  • Ceramics/casting 433-114
  • Photography 431-208
  • Moving Image and Equipment Loan-out 433-308

Architecture and Planning technical team

Digital Research Hub (DRH)

Technical Team Leader: Zane Egginton

Woodwork 421E-129
Technician: Scott Facer

Technician: Adam Turnbull

Metalwork 421E-137
Technician: Sharon Fitness

CNC milling 421E-127
Technician: Vincent Lardeux

Design technical team

Design Technical Support


Fabrication Lab 402-340
Senior Technician: Jamie Coombe

Technician: Steve Hind

Design Digital Lab 402-344
Technician: Peter Vosper

Fine Arts technical team

Woodwork 433-105
Technical Team Leader: Kenneth Murgitroyd

Printmaking 433-401
Senior Technician: Steve Lovett

Metalwork 433-131
Technician: Robyn Walton

Ceramics/casting 433-114
Technician: Franca Bertani


Digital Support Team


Photography 431-208
Technician: Marco Hidalgo

Moving Image and Equipment Loan-out 433-308
Technician: Tracey (Zixuan) Guo

Design/Print Only remote support is available under Red Level
Technician: Amanda Wright

Music and Dance technical team

Music Technical Support


Music and Dance 250-1M02
Technician: Sean Curham

Technician: Theo Gibson

Music and Dance 820-132
Technician: John Kim