Building hours

Access to Creative Arts and Industries buildings and facilities is available to enrolled students, read on for opening hours across the faculty.

Health and Safety requirements

All students accessing Creative Arts and Industries facilities are recommended to follow these Health and Safety requirements:
  1. Scan the NZ COVID Tracer QR code at each building entrance. 
  2. Use hand sanitiser and wash your hands frequently. 
  3. Wear your mask or face covering if you want to. 
  4. Follow the standard health and safety protocols for each area.  
  5. Do not come onto campus if you are unwell.

Building access

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday, 7.30am - 11pm

  • Architecture and Planning Building 421-E and 421-W
  • Architecture spaces in Building 409
  • Design Building 402
  • Dance Studies Building 113
  • Elam Main Building 431
  • Elam Mondrian Building 433
  • Music Annexe Building 206 
  • Music and Dance Studies Kenneth Myers Centre Building 820

Monday to Friday, 8am - 11pm. Weekends and holidays, 9am-6pm

  • Music Building 250

Fisher Building 804

  • Undergraduate hours: Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm (floor doors open)
  • Postgraduate hours: Monday to Friday, weekend and holidays, 7.30am-11pm
  • Non-card access: Monday to Friday, 8.30am-6pm

Please note

  1. All students are recommended to follow the health and safety requirements detailed above.