Amalie Ogundipe

As a creative with a curiosity for the world, Amalie decided a conjoint degree in Fine Arts and Global Studies would enable her to explore her many interests.

Amalie smiling while wearing a red jumper and standing in front of plants
Amalie Ogundipe, Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Global Studies conjoint student

"I couldn't pick just one degree, so I chose to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts as I love being creative, and a Bachelor of Global Studies because it allowed me to combine my passion for learning different languages, history, and politics."

"How I see the world is an important part of making art, and global issues make very good subject matter to explore creatively! This conjoint degree has given me an engaging and diverse learning experience."

Amalie Kikelomo Ogundipe Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Global Studies conjoint student

"I get to do all the things I love while learning a variety of new things from both sides of the conjoint degree. It has challenged me to try things outside of my comfort zone, and I've found new interests along the way."

"I hope to use my conjoint degree to communicate my ideas creatively and to use the problem-solving and analysis skills I am learning now to find a career in anything from game design to advertising."