Nate Saluni

Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) student Nate Saluni says urban planning is all about creating the future you want to live in.

Nate Saluni in front of Symonds Street campus
Nate Saluni

“Urban planning is about social improvement, taking into account things like geography, law, sustainability, history and cultural considerations, and how they’re all interconnected. We’re getting real life application of what we learn. Last year we travelled to Kaikohe to research and gauge community ideas for an iwi site, analysing and processing information to make recommendations for best use.

“The workload is a big step up from school, but I’ve balanced this through getting involved in UniMates basketball, the social sports league. The faculty ball has been a really enjoyable event each year not only because of the close relationships of the Urban Planning students, but also amongst the architecture and dance students due to the communal nature of our work and the social environments of our faculty.

“I am involved with the Auckland Young Planners, which gives me the chance to interact with practicing planners with a variety of experience, and be exposed to valuable networking opportunities. Our lecturers are highly engaged in the planning field, so often show us their past projects and keep us highly informed with current planning issues. For my honours dissertation, I’m interested in public space interaction – how cities and communities can draw elements of activity and life, and what the ideal mix of design, culture and policy is to generate genuine social interaction.

“If you’re interested in improving cities or communities, definitely consider urban planning. There’s a lot to learn, and a diversity of career choice upon graduating.”