Is the Church of European Integration Facing a Reformation? Should it?

Recent years have seen a growing number of national Supreme and Constitutional Courts 'rebelling' against the Court of Justice of the European Union — notoriously the German Constitutional Court but not only it. In the political sphere Euroscepticism has moved from being the preserve of the lunatic right and left fringes to becoming mainstream politics in many Member States, Brexit being an extreme example of a much wider phenomenon. What are the symptoms, the deep roots and the possible 'remedies' for this malaise?

About the Speaker

J.H.H. Weiler is University Professor at NYU Law School and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard. Prof. Weiler is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law (EJIL) and the International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON). He served as Director of the JSD program at NYU, at Harvard Law School and at Michigan Law School and was President of the European University Institute, the largest doctoral school in the social sciences and humanities in Europe.

Thursday 29 June 2023, 6pm - 7pm

Stone Lecture Theatre (801-316), Auckland Law School 9 Eden Crescent, Auckland


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