Māori Academic Programme (MAP)

Nau mai haere mai ngā tauira Māori mā. Welcome to the Māori academic programme.

The Māori Academic Programme (MAP) is designed to strengthen, nurture and promote the desire for academic excellence in the pursuit of your law studies. To that end, the MAP will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to supplement your core law courses and tutorials.

The focus of the MAP is on improving your skills in legal writing and interpretation, so that you are better prepared for tests and examinations.

The MAP is a long-term success plan for Māori students who attend their lectures and mainstream tutorials and would benefit from additional guided learning opportunities on a regular basis.

MAP tutorials and intensives

The MAP provides tutorials and/or intensives for all Māori students enrolled in the following Part I, II and III law courses: LAW 121G, LAW 131, LAW 141, LAW 201, LAW 211, LAW 231, LAW 241, LAW 301, LAW 306 and LAW 316. The MAP tutorials and intensives run in addition to the mainstream tutorials.

For most courses, the MAP tutorials will be scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly basis. For some courses, the MAP tutorials will be scheduled on selected Saturdays throughout the semester as “intensives”.

When more than one MAP tutorial is offered in a round for a given course, students only need to attend one tutorial in that round.

MAP wānanga or workshops

The MAP also runs pre-test wānanga and pre-exam wānanga or workshops for the compulsory law courses. The workshops follow on from the regular MAP tutorials and intensives. If you have a clash or other exceptional circumstances that prevent you from attending a tutorial, intensive or wānanga, please advise the Pouāwhina Māori: 

Tian Trego Hall

Commitment to the MAP

Students with Māori whakapapa are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the MAP tutorials, intensives and wānanga, particularly if they are aiming to get into the LLB(Hons) degree.

Students who gain entry into Part II under the Māori Targeted Admission Scheme commit to attend all MAP tutorials, intensives and wānanga associated with the law courses they are enrolled in. In other words, for students who gain entry into Part II under the Māori Targeted Admission Scheme, MAP tutorials, intensives and wānanga are compulsory.

Finally, students may enrol in and support the Māori electives offered in the LLB programme, including Māori Land Law, Iwi Corporate Governance, Contemporary Tiriti/Treaty Issues, Indigenous Peoples in International Law, and Ngā Tikanga Māori.

MAP notices

Information about the MAP will be posted on Canvas. Tauira Māori will be automatically added to the MAP pages on CANVAS, where a schedule of the tutorial, intensive and wānanga dates, rooms and tutors will be uploaded. If you are a Māori student and you have not been added to the MAP pages on CANVAS, please contact the Pouāwhina Māori:

Tian Trego Hall

Professional skills development

Te Rākau Ture (the Māori Law Students’ Association) hold workshops to assist with compiling a CV, as well as providing a mentoring programme for Part I students

If you would like assistance in preparing a CV or get advice regarding your career options contact Student Hubs or email studentinfo@auckland.ac.nz.

Te Fale Pouāwhina also provide academic skills development for Māori students through workshops, study groups, wānanga/fono and advisory sessions. Te Fale Pouāwhina is located at Level 1, Kate Edger Information Commons.