Emeritus Professor Jane Kelsey Valedictory Lecture 2022

Truth to Power: The critical legal academic as licensed subversive.

Emeritus Professor Jane Kelsey explored the role and responsibilities of the critical legal scholar as “licensed subversive” focusing on four core areas of Jane’s academic activism:generation to fight for justice generation to fight for justice generation to fight for justice:

1. Decolonisation and Te Tiriti o Waitangi

2. The political economy of public policy

3. Globalisation

4. Quasi-constitutional role of universities as public institutions

Inspire the next generation to fight for justice

Te Whainga I te Tika Award for Social Justice has been established to honour the work of Professor Jane Kelsey on her retirement from Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland.

The annual Award will encourage future generations of students and student groups across the University of Auckland to follow in the footsteps of Jane and pursue social justice across Aotearoa, New Zealand and internationally.

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