Monograph Series

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Volume four

National Strategies for Sustainability: Options for New Zealand

Klaus Bosselmann

This e-book reviews national strategies for achieving sustainable development in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Taking a comparative perspective, it identifies the main features of advanced national strategies  (e.g. goals, comprehensiveness, effectiveness) and contrasts them with efforts in New Zealand (lagging behind most OECD countries). The book provides state-of-the-art guidance for developing a national strategy for sustainability in New Zealand as well as in other countries. 

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Volume four.

Volume three

Water Rights and Sustainability

Edited by Klaus Bosselmann and Vernon Tava

This book, written by seven of New Zealand and Australia's leading scholars in environmental law and resource management, looks at water in lakes, rivers, coastal areas and water extracted from recycled sewerage. It examines particularly the application of property rights and possible market approaches to a resource that has always been thought to transcend conventional notions of ownership, also considering the potential assertion of native title to water.

Volume two

Climate Change in New Zealand: Scientific and Legal Assessments

Klaus Bosselmann, Jenny Fuller and Jim Salinger

This book looks at the proposed policy options to deal with climate change and examines, in particular, the role that legislation and local government have for an effective climate change policy. Concerned with scientific assessments and the right mix of economic and regulatory instruments, the book will be of use to the public sector, to business, to lawyers, planners and anyone else interested in climate change issues.

Volume one

Environmental Law for a Sustainable Society

Edited by Klaus Bosselmann, David Grinlinton and Prue Taylor (2nd Ed, 2013)

The book examines current trends and future prospects of environmental law and, in particular, how present environmental law meets the challenge of sustainable development. It has a primarily New Zealand focus and includes an updated comprehensive bibliography of environmental law titles written by New Zealand and foreign authors writing about New Zealand environmental law. This compilation together with selected websites will give students and professionals a useful tool for their own research.

Members of NZCEL with three of the Monographs: Klaus Bosselmann, Prue Taylor and David Grinlinton