Te Tai Haruru Journal of Māori and Indigenous Issues

Te Tai Haruru Journal of Māori and Indigenous Issues is a law journal published by the University of Auckland, Faculty of Law. The Journal is edited by Te Tai Haruru, the rōpū of Māori legal academics at the Faculty of Law.

The Journal was established by Nin Tomas in 2004. The Journal’s editors have included Nin Tomas, Khylee Quince, Kerensa Johnston, Claire Charters and Fleur Te Aho. The current editor is Jayden Houghton, who is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law. 

The Journal publishes articles on Māori and Indigenous issues. Articles have been published on tikanga Māori, rangatiratanga, kaitiakitanga, constitutional reform, the Waitangi Tribunal, Treaty of Waitangi settlements, the Māori Land Court, the overrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in the criminal justice system, legal personhood, customary title claims to the foreshore and seabed, Māori governance (including tax implications), Indigenous participation at the United Nations, Indigenous peoples’ relationships with the environment, specialist courts for Indigenous peoples, the protection of traditional knowledge (TK) and traditional cultural expressions (TCEs), the repatriation of cultural objects, the protection of minority languages, and Indigenous data sovereignty. 

If you have any questions or would like to submit a paper, please email the editor at jayden.houghton@auckland.ac.nz. The preferred length for submissions is 8,000–13,000 words, with an abstract of approximately 300 words. Submissions should comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd ed, 2018).