Jachin Rowe

Jachin is a Process Improvement Engineer who pursues a career in law alongside his undergraduate engineering studies. He is studying Postgraduate Certificate in Law, with the ambitious goal of attaining a Master's degree in Intellectual Property.

Jachin Rowe
Jachin Rowe

Key facts

Programme: Post Graduate Certificate in Law
Career: Process Improvement Engineer

One of the most valuable aspects of my postgraduate program at the University of Auckland has been its collaborative nature. Despite my limited legal background, I have found the program to be open and welcoming, encouraging questions and facilitating a deep understanding of a new field of study.

Jachin Rowe

I had always contemplated pursuing a career in law alongside my Engineering Undergraduate studies. The University of Auckland presented the perfect opportunity for this dual journey, offering accessibility and flexibility that allowed me to continue working while pursuing my passion for law.

After starting my postgraduate study in Law, I found the lectures easy to follow, even with my limited legal background. The teaching approach has been instrumental in helping me quickly expand my knowledge base. I've genuinely appreciated the diverse cohort of students from various backgrounds, enriching the learning experience.

Initially, I started my postgraduate journey to gain exposure to the legal realm and seek intellectual stimulation outside my work as a Process Improvement Engineer at Douglas Pharmaceuticals. However, my studies have kindled a keen interest in intellectual property. I aspire to transition into a Master of Intellectual Property following the completion of my postgraduate certificate. While I haven't decided whether to become a patent attorney, I'm committed to enjoying the learning process.

What I find most enjoyable about my studies is the exploration of new concepts in a field as intricate as law. The ability to question and reason with these concepts has made my educational journey highly rewarding.

In my role as a Process Improvement Engineer at Douglas Pharmaceuticals, I identify opportunities for enhancing production and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Implementing improvements, whether through machinery upgrades or procedural changes, requires meticulous consideration due to the industry's highly regulated nature. The tangible impact of these improvements motivates me every day.

To those considering studying at the University of Auckland, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap. Regardless of your current field, there's always room for learning and upskilling.