Lynn Buckley - PhD

Lynn completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Law, University of Auckland in 2023. She was awarded University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship 2018-2022, and Academic Career Exploration Award 2020.

Key facts

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy in Law
Previous qualification: International Commercial Law (LLM), University of Limerick, Ireland, 2017, First Class Honours; Law (Minor in Psychology) (LLB), University of Limerick, Ireland, 2016, First Class Honours
Career: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at He Manga Tauhokohoko University of Auckland Business School

The PhD cohort is incredibly kind and welcoming; we support each other which makes the doctoral journey a lot less lonely. Additionally, the professional and academic staff care deeply about the programme and the doctoral students in it. As a result, the programme is a wonderful place to pursue a doctoral degree in law.

Lynn Buckley

My research interests lie in the intersection of company law, corporate governance, organisational studies, and sustainability. Specifically, my work focuses on the role of the board and the duties of its directors in this context. I chose this particular field of research as companies are key actors in the global environment, and so it is no surprise that they contribute disproportionately to causes of climate change and other adverse sustainability outcomes, such as pollution and biodiversity loss. As humanity finds itself in the midst of an ecological crisis, it is more important than ever that companies operate within planetary boundaries. Against this backdrop, my doctoral research explored directors’ duty to act in good faith in the company's best interests and its relationship to environmental consideration in director decision-making.

I was fortunate to have my doctoral thesis placed on the Dean’s List. The Dean’s List recognises theses of exceptional quality in every respect, including scholarship, research content, quality of expression, and presentation accuracy. I was told my thesis is the first from our Faculty to make the list – so I am very humbled and proud to represent the Law School on the Dean’s list. I must thank my amazing PhD supervisors, Professor Susan Watson and Associate Professor Ljiljana Eraković. I could not have asked for better mentors.

Having completed the PhD, I now work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at He Manga Tauhokohoko University of Auckland Business School. This role is based in the Department of Commercial Law. Next year, I will remain with the Department and transition to a new role as a lecturer in company law and corporate governance. I have been fortunate to have such an exciting start to my academic career, which I have undoubtedly been afforded thanks to the knowledge and skills gained during my doctoral degree.