Angela Tabea Fusitu'a

Studying Urban Planning gave Angela Fusitu'a the expertise to make an even larger impact on her community.

Angela Tabea Fusitu'a standing on a balcony overlooking pond.
Angela Tabea Fusitu'a

Did you take any subjects that helped you prepare for university?

“Statistics and geography paved the way for my passion for urban planning. I was surprised by the range of topics we studied in the degree, such as law, economics, design, sustainability and ecology, to name a few. You can follow many career pathways with a planning degree!” 

Why did you decide to study urban planning?

“I have always been interested in how communities can be improved, especially living in one of Auckland’s vulnerable neighbourhoods. This passion stems from enjoying geography and statistics in high school and trying to understand better how people and place play a role in shaping cities.”

Why did you choose the University of Auckland?

“The University of Auckland is one of the best universities in the country and the best for urban planning. My mother, sisters and cousins also studied here, so it felt like I was holding onto that tradition.” 

Did you have any industry interactions as part of your degree?

“I started my internship with Arup in 2019-2020 as part of the TupuToa Internship Programme. I was initially nervous because it was my first corporate urban planning job, but I really enjoyed the experience and exposure.”

I want to continue to use my skills and expertise to give back to my community!

Angela Tabea Fusitu'a