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Plussage may be applicable to a small number of law courses. Plussage describes a method of calculating marks by counting either: an examination mark only, or an examination mark and coursework marks, whichever is to the student’s advantage.

In some courses, additional requirements may apply for students to be eligible for plussage. Students should consult the course outline and/or the Canvas page for a particular course to see if, and how plussage, may apply.

Alternatively you can contact your lecturer to find out more.


Tests are performed under the same conditions as examinations. Students requiring special conditions for sitting tests are required to contact the Student Support Adviser at least two weeks before each test. Only in exceptional circumstances or with prior approval from the University Health Centre will the sitting of tests at special times be permitted.

See also Aegrotats and Compassionate Consideration

Written work

All written work, whether submitted for tutorials, opinions, research papers or dissertations, must comply with the NZ Law Style Guide. Essays and other assignments should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. PDF or other formats are not acceptable. Students should also note that all quotations should be indicated by quotation marks and the source given. Never use material without giving the proper acknowledgement of the source.

See also Cheating, Plagiarism and Turnitin above.


The following two tables show the relationship of marks to grades on the nine-point scale used by Auckland Law School for assessed work as well as descriptors appropriate to the requirements of the course, corresponding to the level of attainment within each of the letter grades on the scale.

Students will note that the descriptors are broadly banded in the grades of A, B, C, and D, with the finer gradings reflecting “shades” or “levels” of achievement within the broad bands.