Aegrotats and compassionate consideration

Information including processes for aegrotat and compassionate consideration can be found at Aegrotat compassionate consideration.

Courses required by the NZCLE

Alternative assessments where aegrotat confirmed 

If you: 

(i) do not sit a final exam in a compulsory course required by the NZ Council of Legal Education (NZCLE) and
(ii) successfully apply to the University for aegrotat or compassionate consideration and
(iii) receive confirmation from that you have grounds sufficient to prevent you from sitting the exam 

then you may be eligible to sit an alternative assessment rather than repeating the course.  

In Semester One 2022, this applies to the following courses: 

  • LAW 121G Law and Society
  • LAW 458 Legal Ethics 

In Semester Two 2022, this applies to the following courses:

  • LAW 121G Law and Society
  • LAW 131 Legal Method
  • LAW 141 Legal Foundations
  • LAW 201 Criminal Law
  • LAW 211 Public Law
  • LAW 231 Law of Torts
  • LAW 241 Contract Law
  • LAW 301 Land Law
  • LAW 306 Equity
  • LAW 458 Legal Ethics 

NOTE: You must have completed the coursework and achieved a minimum of a C- to be eligible to sit an approved alternative assessment.

We will run the alternative assessments as soon as practicable after the end of the final exam period each semester. We will notify all students of the specific assessment date/s by the end of each semester. We will offer only one date for each alternative assessment in each course.

If you cannot attend on the stated date then:

(i) your DNS for the course will be confirmed and
(ii) you must repeat the course.  

If you sit the alternative assessment but are impacted by circumstances which significantly impact your alternative assessment performance or preparation, you can apply for aegrotat/compassionate consideration. Note that you must sit the assessment for consideration to be applied; if you do not attempt the assessment, aegrotat/compassionate consideration is not possible.

If you have special conditions approved for your exams, these will be applied to your alternative assessment.

The Law School will be in contact with all students who become eligible to sit an alternative assessment after you receive notification from that your application for Aegrotat/Compassionate Consideration has been approved. 

Only those students who:

(i) did not sit the exam and
(ii) have had their application approved by

will be invited to sit the alternative assessment.

If you would like any advice or support, please contact our Student Support Advisers