Tony Zheng

An introductory law paper during his undergraduate degree ignited Tony’s interest in legal studies and its influence on commercial decision-making.

Key facts

Programme: Master of Legal Studies
Career: Business Manager

“When I was studying for my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Business School, I did one introductory Law paper, which I really enjoyed. Later on I became a business manager and I noticed that laws and regulations had a great impact on my commercial decision-making. I regularly worked alongside, and was advised by, lawyers so I thought having some knowledge of the law would make my interaction with lawyers a lot more efficient – and cost effective!

“The Master of Legal Studies was the perfect solution. It not only provides a solid legal understanding, but also helps to polish my skills in analysing high-level strategies.

Tony Zheng

It offered me the exposure and opportunity to think about many conceptual scholarly issues, such as how international conventions help to resolve cross-border commercial disputes, or how corporate governance laws are designed to best allocate corporate power to various parties.

“I’ve been really impressed by how many world-leading lecturers are involved in the MLS programme, both from New Zealand and overseas. I have learnt from top experts in international law – such as Sir David Williams QC and Amokura Kawharu from New Zealand, and some of the world’s leading corporate law scholars such as Marc Moore from Cambridge University.

“The programme also trained me on “intensive learning” and time management. Without a legal background it can be challenging at first to produce a 12,000-word Masters-level essay after just five days of intensive training and two months of research. But once I made it through, I become very confident picking up anything in a very short timeframe.

“I have most enjoyed the dynamic background of students. From recent graduates from emerging market jurisdictions, to industry practitioners with years of experience in the field we study, everyone is my class is smart and has an interesting background. I’ve learnt a lot simply by studying alongside them.”