George Muir

George Muir studies law part time whilst also doing high performance sport on the side.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Laws and Commerce conjoint

“I chose to study law because of my interest in written subjects at school such as English and history and I enjoyed public speaking and problem solving. I decided to take commerce as my conjoint degree as I felt it would complement a law degree really well, especially the commercial side of law, which I have a keen interest in.

“I really enjoyed taking Family Law taught by Mark Henaghan. He’s so passionate about the subject and makes it a fun and relevant course to study. There’s also a big project, which is really practical and gives you tools to help people in the future.

“What I enjoy most about life at Auckland Law School is the close-knit environment and social aspect of the degree. You’re able to make friends and have a lot of fun alongside study. Being situated in the middle of the city is a bonus in terms of great food and an abundance of coffee.

The Law School has been extremely helpful and supportive as I have been studying part time whilst also doing high performance sport on the side. Uni life should be a mixture of hard work and fun, you just have to keep a balance.

George Muir

“Every paper gives you insight and understanding that can be useful in everyday life. When I graduate I plan to accept a clerkship and graduate offer with Simpson Western.”