Library and Information Commons – Rules and Directions for Use


Each person using the resources available in the University Library and Information Commons must be aware of, and comply with, all applicable University statutes, policies, rules and guidelines.


All users of the University of Auckland Library and Information Commons.


Rules and directions for users of the University Library and Information Commons.

Rules and directions


1. Each user must comply with the directions of authorised persons.

2. Any infringement of these rules and directions by a student may lead to the suspension of their use of the Library and Information Commons for such period as the University Librarian sees fit.

Use of the Library and Information Commons facilities including computers, study desks and other equipment

Research and learning focus:

3. Library and information commons spaces and facilities are provided for the educational purposes of the University and specifically for academic research study and support, not for business, personal or recreational use such as gaming or file-sharing.

Who can use study desks and computers:

4. Only University of Auckland students and staff members may use study desks and computers in information commons facilities. Associate members of the Library and members of the public may use desks and computers in libraries, providing their use does not prevent students and staff accessing the same resources and services.

Reservation of study desks and computers:

5. Study desks and computers in libraries and information commons may not be reserved. This includes leaving personal belongings or signs.

6. In information commons facilities, students will automatically be logged off computers after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Use of computers during periods of high demand:

7. Time restrictions may be placed on computer use during periods of high demand.

8. Users may be asked to make the computer available within 15 minutes if their activities are not related to the University’s academic study and research.

Booking computers:

9. Computers in information commons can be reserved where a computer booking system is operational.

10. Bookings must be cancelled in advance if user is unable to attend.

11. Missed bookings which have not been cancelled may incur suspension of access to the information commons.

Logging on and off:

12. A user must only be logged onto one computer at a time.

13. Each user must log off from the computer when they have finished.

Saving work:

14. Work should be saved regularly.

15. While every effort will be made to recover lost work, the University does not take responsibility if the work was not saved and the computer has been logged off.

Additional software and plug-in:

16. No additional software or plug-in may be loaded onto any library or information commons computer or laptop.

Study space versus computer use:

17. Users should only sit at a desk with a computer if they require those facilities.

Personal behaviour

Respect for others:

18. The aim in the Library and Information Commons is to create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment in which all persons treat each other with respect.

19. A person who exhibits disruptive or inappropriate behaviour will be required to leave and may be banned from using these facilities for a further period.

Respect for Library material:

20. Each user must treat Library material with care.

21. Damage to or defacement of any Library material is considered a serious disciplinary offence.

Respect for the environment:

22. Each user must treat the physical environment of the Library and Information Commons with respect and dispose of rubbish only in the bins provided.

ID cards:

23. A valid University of Auckland ID card must be presented at lending desks in libraries or at the information commons helpdesks for specific services and transactions.

24. Users may also be required by any authorised person to identify themselves as members of the University of Auckland Library by presenting their University of Auckland ID card when using computers and other study facilities.

Computer account:

25. Each student and other Library member is responsible for any use of their computer account and must keep their username and password confidential.

26. The holder of the account may be held personally responsible for any actions that arise from the misuse of the account if their username or password is shared.

Discussion and quiet areas:

27. All libraries are designated as study spaces with quiet conversation only permitted in rooms or discussion areas provided for group study.

28. Quiet conversation and group work is permitted in information commons except in designated silent study areas.

29. Audible use of mobile devices is not permitted in any library or information commons.

Personal belongings:

30. Personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner.

31. If personal belongings are left unattended at study desks or computers or elsewhere in the facilities for more than 15 minutes, they may be removed.

32. Only authorised persons may remove personal belongings, and the University is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings that are left unattended or removed.

Stolen belongings:

33. Items left unattended may be stolen. Stolen items should be reported to University Security. The University does not take responsibility for stolen items and does not search video footage to identify potential offenders on behalf of users who have lost belongings.

Food and drink:

34. No food or drink is permitted at all in library special collection areas or at computers provided for all users.

35. Eating and drinking is not permitted anywhere in libraries and information commons except that:

  • Drinks in approved spill-proof bottles or lidded containers are allowed at individual or group study desks. Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Snacks are allowed at individual or group study desks, but eating them should not disturb others. Hot, juicy, or odorous food is not permitted.

36. An authorised person can decide when this rule is not being observed, and is able to confiscate food or drink, or direct it to be consumed outside.

37. All individual and group study desks are to be left clear and clean for the next user.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Authorised person refers to a library or security staff member acting under delegation from the University Librarian.

ID card refers to the University identity card.

Information Commons refers to

Library refers to all parts of the University Library including Information Commons and such other areas as may be under the management of the University Librarian.

Library material refers to all types of printed, written, photographic, audiovisual, machine-readable material and borrowable equipment held by the Library.

Member refers to all persons permitted to use the Library.

Resources refers to all library material, facilities and services (including electronic resources and software) available in, from or through the Library to some or all users.

Rules refers to rules of conduct as defined in the Statute for Student Discipline.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part-time basis. This includes permanent, fixed-term or casual staff members.

Student refers to a person who is enrolled as a student at the University.

University refers to the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

University Librarian refers to the person appointed by the Vice Chancellor who is responsible for the management of all parts of the Library.

User refers to any person who uses the Library.

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