SDG 13 Hiwa Āhuarangi

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Featured School: Environment

The School of Environment offers internationally recognised disciplinary programmes in Geography, Geology, Geophysics and Geographical Information Science, and interdisciplinary programmes in Earth Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Environmental Change. All programmes are relevant to SDG 13.

Featured subjects: Civil and Environmental Engineering

A Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a specialisation in Civil Engineering offers you a combined emphasis on buildings, infrastructure and development, and environmental management. At postgraduate level, we offer a range of programmes in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Most courses in these specialisations are relevant to SDG 13.

Featured subject: Environmental Law

Auckland Law School offers one of the world’s largest Environmental Law programmes, with a number of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The majority of courses are relevant to SDG 13.

Undergraduate courses in other schools and subjects

Course code and title Subject
GENED 101G: Global Issues, Sustainable Futures
General Education
BIOSCI 347: Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology
Biological Science
BIOSCI 348: Food and Industrial Microbiology
Biological Science
BIOSCI 394: Conservation Ecology
Biological Science
ECON 372: Energy and Resource Economics
ECON 373: Environmental Economics
EDPROFST 363: Environmental Education: An Introduction
Education Professional Studies
FTVMS 231/332: Eco/media
Film, Television, and Media Studies
LAWGENRL 428: South Pacific Legal Studies
Law General
PHIL 250 / 351: Philosophy and the Environment
POLITICS 205 / 313: Governing Planet Earth
POPLHLTH 207: Community and Cultural Development
Population Health
SCIENT 301: Bio-entrepreneurship
Science Enterprise
SCISCHOL 301: Advanced Science and Innovation
Science Scholars
SOCIOL 229: Environmental Sociology
SUSTAIN 200: The Sustainable Community Sustainability

Postgraduate courses in other schools and subjects

Course code and title Subjects
ARCHDES 702: Adaptive Reuse
Architecture Design
ARCHGEN 751: Heritage Assessment and Conservation Planning
Architecture General
ARCHGEN 752: Conservation of Materials
Architecture General
EDPROFST 732: Education for Sustainability
Education Professional Studies
ENGSCI 740: Advanced Mechanics in Research and Technology
Engineering Science
GLMI 707: Responsible Business and Sustainability
Global Management and Innovation
LAWGENRL 770: Ideas of Land
Law General
LAWPUBL 720: Local Government Law
Law Public
LAWPUBL 736: Human Rights Litigation
Law Public
LAWPUBL 744: Special Topic: Vulnerable Adults: Rights Protection in the Modern Age
Law Public
MECHENG 771: Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics
Mechanical Engineering
PSYCH 715: Psychology and Sustainability
SCIENT 703: Frontiers in Biotechnology
Science Enterprise
SCIENT 705: Research Commercialisation
Science Enterprise
SCIENT 722: Current Issues in Bioscience Enterprise
Science Enterprise
SOCIOL 745: Special Topic: The Sociology of Science
STATS 775: Design of Ecological Experiments
URBPLAN 704: People, Communities and Urban Planning
Urban Planning