Modos architecture theses extracts

Explore our architecture students' investigations into various social, political and design issues within the built environment.

Manuhaea: a place of spoken Memory, by Bailey Nolet (2021)
Manuhaea: a place of spoken Memory, by Bailey Nolet (2021)

Modos is a dedicated online archive featuring a selection of extracts from design theses by graduating Master of Architecture (Professional) students. The site launched in 2016 and provides a digital showcase for our graduating students and an archive of their contribution to architectural research. 

Each year, you can see the work of graduating students as part of the end-of-year exhibition. However, modos captures the ideas and expressions of contemporary architectural expression in a dynamic, permanent online environment, reaching audiences worldwide. It is also an excellent opportunity for anyone considering studying at the School of Architecture and Planning to experience the breadth and calibre of work our students produce.

We invite you to visit the modos website: